Trends and Transformation in the Payment Technologies Market

By Marcela Muñoz | Mon, 06/07/2021 - 10:54

Responding to digitalization trends, payment methods have built a safe and strong environment for digital shopping. Despite these efforts, cash keeps dominating Mexico, even though this is an insecure and also very expensive option. On May 27 at Mexico Business Forum 2021, experts of online payment modalities, Miguel Diaz Diaz, General Director of Payment Systems and Market Infrastructures at Banxico; María Teresa Arnal, Head of LatAm at Stripe; René Salazar Palafox, Director Digital Payments & Financial Services at Walmart México; Héctor Cárdenas, CEO & Co-Founder of Conekta; Federico Gómez-Schumacher, Vice President Sales of LatAm Market at PayPal and Tory Jackson, Head of Business Development and Strategy LatAm at Galileo Financial Technologies, discussed the current status of payment methods, along with the benefits they provide to the financial sector and the user.

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