Ualá Launches Financial Education Platform in Mexico
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Ualá Launches Financial Education Platform in Mexico

Photo by:   Ualá
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Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 06/09/2022 - 15:09

Argentinian fintech Ualá launched Aula Ualá, a new free-to-use platform for financial education focused on the Mexican population.

“Ualá has been committed to education since its creation, with [Aula Ualá] we seek to generate a virtuous circle that improves people's lives by offering information that serves as a basis for making better financial decisions. We are convinced that Aula Ualá will be a great contribution to our goal of improving the financial inclusion of Mexicans,” said Claudia Trujillo, Brand Manager México, Ualá.

In Mexico, only 25 percent of the adult population has some type of formal financial education, according to INEGI’s National Financial Inclusion Survey (ENIF). In addition, 78.7 percent of the population between 18 and 70 years old uses cash for payments of over MX$501 (US$25). An individual’s level of financial education is closely tied to personal factors, according to Deloitte: “A person with a higher academic degree and higher salary is more likely to have more knowledge about the various financial products, while a person with lower education and income levels will have less knowledge on the subject.”

Aula Ualá is a platform of financial education digital content, such as online courses, video tutorials, blogposts and downloadable materials. In addition, individuals can subscribe to the newsletter and schools can register to receive virtual talks with experts from Ualá. The digital platform is free to access, regardless of whether the person uses the fintech’s services.

“Financial education must be present from an early age, and we want more and more people to have access to the financial system. Our goal is to provide all the tools within our reach to make this possible. For this reason, we offer a free platform that anyone can access, whether or not they are Ualá users,” added Trujillo.

Aula Ualá, which was previously available only in Argentina and Colombia, will enable users to certificate themselves in personal finance. Users can also access short, clear tutorial videos, in which the company’s collaborators and experts explain concepts and give financial tips.

"With this initiative we seek to cover many aspects of a person's financial life, in addition to providing relevant concepts and information when making financial decisions, thus empowering people," said Guido Beltramini, Financial Content Specialist, Ualá.

Photo by:   Ualá

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