Emilio Gutiérrez Mateos
Founder And Managing Partner
Gutiérrez Mateos Y Asociados
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Unique Strategy Pays Off

Thu, 01/10/2019 - 10:49

Q: How is Gutiérrez Mateos y Asociados different from other law firms?
A: Traditionally, law firms only specialize in one sector. However, we chose to specialize in the financial-business-commercial branch, complementing it with civil and penal law. This gives us the knowledge and infrastructure to handle any civil or business-oriented case. Although we offer an unusual mix of specialization, we have found that it works in our favor. Clients have different needs and instead of having to find different lawyers that specialize in only one area, we offer a holistic approach to meet their business needs, which also results in savings related to representation costs. But the most important advantage we can offer is coordination of all legal actions taken, thus reducing the possibility of clients having to answer to any legal responsibilities that could be avoided.  
Q: What are the key elements hindering Mexico’s position as an investment destination?
A: Mexico has always been regarded as a developing country full of uncertainty. Everything that happens in the business sector derives from certainty and trust between players. When trust is broken, those who own the money tend to hold their investments until there is more certainty about the situation. The clearest example of this is NAIM.