The Rise of State Digital Currencies
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Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower, warns about the potential dangers of putting CBDCs in control as global economies explore their implementation.
Weekly Roundups
Sony is planning a new semiconductor plant. Meanwhile, GitLab debuted on the stock market and reached a multibillion-dollar valuation.
Weekly Roundups
BMV announced plans that would allow Mexicans to invest in non-fungible tokens. Meanwhile, Banxico seeks to eliminate LIBORs.
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The SAT presented the fourth publication of ISR for several industries as they seek for voluntary compliance to finish 2021.
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A historical agreement has been reached as the international community agrees to tax Multinational Enterprises with a minimum 15 percent tax rate.
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Banxico published a recent report indicating their intention to eliminating LIBOR rates in accordance with international organisms.
Stock Market
Take a closer look at the few automotive companies publicly listed in the Mexican stock Exchange.
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Based on the interest and demand that exists for cryptocurrency while searching for the best opportunities and benefits for the Mexican market.
Raúl Badillo
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Raúl Badillo
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FTX Mexico
Focus on appearances and not the human being will lead to missed opportunities, writes FTX’s Raúl Badillo.
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