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51,311 Deaths, 469,407 Positives Cases

By Ricardo Guzman | Fri, 08/07/2020 - 21:14

The Ministry of Health reported 6,717 more COVID-19 cases than yesterday raising the total number of infections to 469,407. Over 794 deaths in the last 24 hours brought the accumulated total to 51,311.

Director of Epidemiology José Luis Alomía pointed out that there are 513,144 negative cases and 80,155 suspected case still waiting for laboratory results.

The official said number of estimated cases nears 510,232 in total, while the estimated deathsamount to 53,283.

During today’s briefing at National Palace, epidemiology research head Ana de la Garza detailed the mortality records among countries per million inhabitants, where Mexico ranks 11 worldwide and fifth in the Americas, bellow Peru, Chile, the US and Brazil.

Confirmed cases worldwide passed the 19.3 million mark and almost 720,000 deaths, with the US on top of both categories, according to Johns Hopkins University (JHU) data.


As of Friday, August 7

6,717 new cases (from yesterday)

469,407 confirmed cases nationwide

89,155   under investigation

51,311   deaths


Impact on markets (19.30 hrs)

US Dollar              MX$22.39            (0.00%)

BMV IPC               38,005.00             (0.02%)

Dow Jones          27,433.48             (0.17%)


Mexico City stays orange with flexibility

Mexico City will continue on the orange traffic light for a sixth straight week, but more activities will be resumed with certain restrictions, Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum said. Cinemas will reopen as of August 12 at 30 percent capacity while a gradual and controlled reopening of roofed pools and museums was also authorized. Sheinbaum said there is a possibility for bars to convert their businesses into restaurants to partially resume activities until the city moves to the green traffic.


Mexico needs a fiscal reform

Mexico must to carry out a fiscal reform in order to provide the State additional benefits by expanding the fiscal space and collections, Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL) head Alicia Bárcena said. “A progressive tax reform is necessary. This it is not equivalent to raising taxes,” she said. Bárcena noted that it is necessary to strengthen taxation to support the government.


India cases soar

India doubled its cases of COVID-19 in less than a month and has now passed passed 2 million positive cases. Local health authorities announced that in the last 24 hours, 62,538 new cases were confirmed, recording the biggest daily increase since the pandemic started. The Asian country is the third most affected country behind the US and Brazil. 


Experts question Russian vaccine

Russia’s announcement of having a COVID-19 vaccine ready in October was questioned by some experts in the world, claiming clinical trials are not yet completed. “I fear that Russia is skipping stages and that the resulting vaccine is not only ineffective but also dangerous,” Georgetown University expert Lawrence Gostin noted. Some voices are suggesting that Moscow aiming to be the  first country to develop the vaccine for propaganda reasons.


Dollar ends week at MX$22.39

The Mexican peso depreciated during the last of the week after US President Donald Trump fueled antagonism with Beijing by banning his country's transactions with WeChat and TikTok. According to data from Banxico, the peso depreciated 0.84 percent this week, or 18.7 cents, bringing the exchange rate to MX22.39 units per dollar, and unchanged since yesterday.


Opposition calls for strategy change

Opposition parties called for a change in the government’s COVID-19 strategy. “With 50,000 officially recognized deaths, it is time to change the strategy to fight the COVID-19 pandemic,” PAN leader Marko Cortés said. PRD demanded a meeting in the Health Council to appoint a team of independent experts, since the health strategy is disastrous.

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