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60,800 Deaths, 563,705 Positive Cases

By Ricardo Guzman | Mon, 08/24/2020 - 21:01

The Ministry of Health reported 320 deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, raising the death toll to 60,800. A further 3,541 infections since yesterday were confirmed increasing the national total to 563,705 positive cases of which 36,697 are estimated active, or with symptoms of the virus in the last 14 days.

During today’s briefing Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell said Mexico is the member country of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that performs the least tests per million inhabitants and noted that it is false that the application of reactive tests is linked to fewer confirmed cases.

“The amount of testing depends on how many people with symptoms have been identified as suspected cases,” he said. López-Gatell explained that the US is the perfect example that shows widespread testing does not decrease confirmed cases.


As of Monday, August 24

3,541 new cases (from yesterday)

563,705 confirmed cases nationwide

77,198   under investigation

60,800   deaths


Impact on markets (19.30 hrs)

US Dollar              MX$22.02            (0.15%)

BMV IPC               38,029.63             (-0.17%)

Dow Jones          28,308.46             (1.35%)


Lowest oil production since 1979

PEMEX and its partners production plunged below 1.6 million barrels per day during July, after reporting 1.59 million barrels per day. This is the lowest figure since 1979, when the NOC produced 1,470,000 barrels a day. With the result of July, the production of crude adds four months to the drop. With this, the oil production of the state company fell 0.6 percent in a month, after an extraction 10,000 barrels per day lower than that of last June.


Joint project with Norway, UN

Minister of Foreign Affairs (SRE) Marcelo Ebrard said he is working with the Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen their participation in a COVID-19 vaccine development project, in coordination with the UN’s Coalition for Innovations in Preparedness for Epidemics (CEPI). “Good conversation with Marcelo Ebrard today. Very glad to work with Mexico and CEPI. This adds to our excellent bilateral relations,” Eriksen tweeted.


Downward trend in hospitalizations

Mexico City Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum said that since the end of May to date there has been a slow but downward trend in hospital occupancy due to COVID-19, especially in the last 4 days where “a significant reduction” in cases was confirmed. Until yesterday there were 2,731 hospitalized people, 92,096 confirmed cases and 10,159 deaths in Mexico’s capital city.


First double infection case reported

A 33-year-old man was infected for the second time with coronavirus in Hong Kong after making a trip to Spain, a diagnosis that is documented as the first case in the world, after analyzes carried out by local authorities. The patient was discharged for COVID-19 from a hospital in April, but tested positive for the virus again after returning from Europe earlier this month.


WHO suggests caution with plasma therapy

The World Health Organization (WHO) said the blood plasma from recovered patients used for COVID-19 was an “experimental therapy” with no proven benefits. Yesterday, US President Donald Trump raised concerns among experts after he authorized the use of plasma as an emergency measure against COVID-19.


Peso starts week with slight loss

The peso registered a slight loss in the end of yesterday’s trading after early gains during the morning, after the US currency show signs of recovery boosted on optimism to reach for a COVID-19 vaccine. According to Banxico, the local currency depreciated just 0.15 percent and stood at MX$22.02.


US stock market soars

The US stock market rose to an all-time high lifted by gains in tech companies and optimism on the COVID-19 vaccine. The Dow Jones industrial average jumped 378.13 points or 1.4 percent. S&P 500 climbed 1 percent to 3,431.28, hitting an all-time high. Today’s trading also marked S&P 500′s closing above 3,400 points for the first time in history. Boosted by Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet, Nasdaq also advanced 0.6 percent to 11,379.72 reaching another record.


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