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7,394 Total Deaths, 68,620 Positive Cases Reported

By Ricardo Guzman | Sun, 05/24/2020 - 21:48

Deaths from COVID-19 in Mexico rose by 215 to 7,394 in the last 24 hours, while a further 2,764 cases were confirmed to push the total to 68,620, the Ministry of Health reported in the Sunday briefing. Director of Epidemiology José Luis Alomía said there are also 595 deaths under investigation and that of the total positive cases 14,247 are active.

Alomia noted that this is the last week before of official ending of social distancing program, and to return to the so-called “new normal”, where the severity of the pandemic in each state of the Republic will be measured with a traffic light.

Alomía said is the occupation of hospital beds with ventilators as at 67 percent in Mexico City, 64 percent in the State of Mexico and Baja California has 61 percent. They are also the top three states with most reported cases.


As of Sunday, May 24

2,764     new cases (from yesterday)

68,620 confirmed cases nationwide

28,931   under investigation

7,394     deaths


One million jobs lost

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador estimated that around one million jobs have been lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However when the contingency is over 2 million new jobs will be created thanks to social programs and the increasing activity in public works that will boost construction, he said. “We are calculating that 550,000 jobs were lost in April and by May around 400,000 more. My prediction is that one million jobs will be lost with coronavirus,” he said. During a video message the president said that the WHO invited Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell to participate in their health regulation group of experts. “The recognition is well-deserved n for López-Gatell,” the president said.


IMSS ask for more funds

IMSS requested extra funds of MX$447 million for purchasing equipment and furniture for temporary medical facilities caring for COVID-19 patients in Mexico City, Nuevo León, Jalisco and Hidalgo. Through the Ministry of Finance (SHCP) as part of the special program to deal with the health emergency, IMSS expects to increase the quality and efficiency providing care for patients.


PEMEX has 1,391 Infected and 190 Deaths

Of almost 750,000 people affiliated with PEMEX, including workers, retirees and relatives, 190 individuals have died and 1,391 have the virus, according to a report by the company. Of the 190 deceased, 67 are retirees, 55 family members, 66 workers and 2 outsiders. The average age is 64 years and 127 are men.


Córdova warns officers

INE’s head Lorenzo Córdova said that public servants who carry out self-promoting during the  COVID-19 health emergency will be sanctioned. “There has been notorious activism from dozens of public servants who have promoted their personal image, mostly on social media,” Córdova said in a video message.


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