Country Manager of Vaisala México and LAM Regional Director of Vaisala Industrial Measurements Division
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Accurate Measurement Means High-Quality Products

Fri, 05/17/2019 - 11:28

Q: How is Vaisala positioned in the Mexican market and what type of customer does it usually work with?
A: The life sciences sector has been one of our focuses globally since the beginning of our controlled environment business, and Mexico is no exception. Vaisala specializes in developing products for improving safety, efficiency and decision-making through environmental measurements and related services. The industry here maintains high standards with strong regulations, which means Vaisala has a lot of added value to provide. Both international and national companies have been our clients in Mexico for a long time. Our well-known brand provides unique solutions in all segments of the life science sector.
Q: How does Vaisala’ s offering add value to its clients?
A: Our typical customers manufacture, store or distribute expensive assets that are sensitive to environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity and pressure. Our products and systems offer ways to measure these conditions and control them with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. In addition, they are easy to use and provide a beneficial cost of ownership. These factors are crucial in a technology-dense and highly-regulated industry.   
Vaisala has pioneered innovative measurement solutions for over 80 years. We started in weather measurement when our founder, Vilho Vaisala, invented the operating principles of radiosonde technology for high-altitude weather measurement. In the 1970s, we moved into industrial measurements when we invented the modern way of measuring humidity with a capacitive hygrometer. We are a truly global institution that believes in the value of accurate measurement in solving the important problems of our day. We invest more than 13 percent of sales in R&D, with more than 22 percent of our people dedicated to this area.  
Q: What companies will benefit from Vaisala's radio frequency communication network VaiNet?
A: Vaisala started its business in Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS) when we acquired the logger company Veritec Instruments in 2010, and with this purchase made a decisive move into the CMS business. Since then, we have invested heavily in improving the view link offering, and in developing new products for the CMS line. One of our launches is our own RF communication network called VaiNet to allow unprecedented ranges (over 100m) in wireless communication over a private sensor network. A typical installation would be monitoring temperature and humidity in a manufacturing facility or storage area for pharmaceutical products or medical devices. This data can then also be used by a regulatory authority to validate that conditions set out in the norms are being met.
Q: How would Vaisala describe the state of measurement solutions in Mexico’s health sector?
A: A country with a large population and a geographical location near the largest market in the world is an attractive place for many pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, it is not a surprise to see Mexico hosting almost all of the largest pharmaceuticals in the world. A great deal of effort has gone into improving local processes as local regulations have become more rigorous and export has many requirements. However, significant investments need to be made for more accurate and reliable measurement technologies to ensure the integrity and safety of the products. The combined, coordinated effort of the different entities related to the sector is critical in this mission.
Q: Considering technologies like AI and Big Data, what do you think measurement systems will look like in the long run?
A: Real-time monitoring, data management and communication have been part of the design of many of our devices and systems. Following the trend of more comprehensive solutions, sensors will be even more reliable, adding flexible capabilities to be connected to a wider data control system. This will enable operators and users to take faster and more precise actions.