ACF Group's Aquauf: High Quality Drinking and Process Water

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 15:47

AQUAUF Ultrafiltration Membrane System is an advanced filtration process used by municipalities and industries alike to produce high-quality drinking and process water. AQUAUF can be used for surface water filtration, groundwater under the direct influence of surface water filtration, tertiary filtration of wastewater, reverse osmosis pretreatment and the processing of industrial water and municipal drinking water.

AQUAUF’s benefits include simplified installation, a compact footprint and height for reduced building size, improved virus and bacteria removal, reduced chemical consumption, easy expansion and minimal need for operator attention. Moreover, AQUAUF does not require the addition of a coagulant to achieve treated water turbidity requirements and provides extended membrane life. AQUAUF also reduces the cost of reverse osmosis and backwash volumes.

How it works: Membrane filtration is the process of removing particulate matter through a physical barrier. Particles larger than the pore opening of the membrane barrier are retained on the membrane surface while clean water and dissolved components pass through. AQUAUF Ultrafiltration System is a low pressure, ultrafiltration membrane that removes particulate matter as small as individual viruses.

AQUAUF utilizes robust, chemically-resistant, polysulfone hollow fibers housed in a uniquely configured pressurized module. The AltaFilter Ultrafiltration System has the most filtration surface area per module in the marketplace, providing a compact, economical solution for effective particulate removal. More filtration area per module allows the membrane system to be designed and operated at lower flux rates, extending membrane life. Unlike granular media filtration, the 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane does not require the addition of a coagulant for effective filtration. Since the system uses fewer chemicals and operates at moderate flux rates, cleaning frequencies are reduced.

The AQUAUF Ultrafiltration System is supplied as a preengineered system with integrated piping, valves and controls, and has been successfully applied in potable water treatment, municipal wastewater filtration and industrial applications. Custom-engineered systems are available to meet unique needs.