Adriana Azuara
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Ancestral Remedies, European Tech, Mexican-Made

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 17:36

Q: To what extent is the demand growing for the natural products Agave Spa produces?

A: Everyone wants natural and organic products but the consumer needs to be aware because nothing is completely organic or natural. Talking about natural ingredients means that we do not use chemicals that damage the skin or lifestyles. Many people now want natural products that produce tangible results, which is why we combine the ancient with the modern. We use ancestral remedies and the knowledge of the Mayans combined with European technology, dermatological tests and exact combinations to ensure it provides accurate results for the body and skin. We want to create rituals that are suited to a person’s lifestyle so that the effect of the treatment not only lasts for a moment but actually changes energy points. We choose 23 points on the body that energy flows through and these can be opened and closed. If those points hurt when pushed, they are blocked. We unblock these energy points and with obsidian stones we loosen the energy left in the body and then use massage oils containing tepezcohuite, a Native American plant, and other ancestral herbs.

Q: What factors are driving your growth?

A: When people come to Mexico, they want to try Mexican products and this company meets that need. In March 2017 we launched an unscented line that can be mixed with natural herbs and fruits, allowing spas to create their own scents like alchemists. There is also a new tepezcohuite line combined with blue agave for the face. This is what will make it a success: everyone wants to mix and play and create their own unique products.

Q: What are the main skin care needs you have detected in Mexico?

A: Dryness and the resulting wrinkles are a common concern, as are hyper pigmentation and lifting. Due to pollution, the skin gets thinner due to pollution and people want face-lifts to appear younger. Our after-sun treatments are also popular because the sun can be extremely damaging and we need to not only protect ourselves at the beach but afterward as well.

Q: How aware is the population of the need to protect skin against pollution?

A: People need to protect their skin against pollution, even indoors where it can sometimes be more polluted because people are crowded into a room or working long hours under artificial lighting, among other factors that produce free-radicals that damage and destroy skin. It is necessary to use anti-oxidants to protect the skin against this, and also wrinkles and acne.

We have discovered that the blue agave plant is full of active ingredients that are good for the skin and hair. It contains a powerful antioxidant, a moisturizer and stimulates the collagen in skin. The latest research shows that there is a fungus on blue agave leaves that has the same properties as hyaluronic acid. It is a powerful plant.

Q: What alliances allow you to source your ingredients?

A: I work directly with agave farmers. We choose our agaves and then create our phyto-complex and other products from the agave leaves, plant, cooked plant, fermented plant and other parts. This is because each part of the blue agave has different properties for different things. We source coconut oil from Guerrero and we have recently launched a massage candle without paraffin. The clay bases were created by Mexican artisans, each handmade and dried in the sun. We work directly with Mexican farms for all ingredients, such as those that make up our four blends of essential oils. They contain San Juan herbs, passion-flower and hibiscus. These ingredients are unique and require cooperation with Mexican farmers.

We will soon launch videos on how we work with communities that have four generations of experience in what they do. Instead of growing our lines uncontrollably, we prefer our products to be exclusive and luxurious.