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Are Today's Youth More Altruistic?

By Sergio Medrano - Be The Match® Latin America
Regional Director


By Sergio Medrano | Latin America Director - Fri, 08/04/2023 - 11:00

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The millennial generation and Generation Z (Gen Z) have brought about a new perspective on the world. However, each of these generations has their own distinct characteristics based on the year they were born and the specific circumstances they have experienced. Millennials are known for being entrepreneurial with a high level of education, constantly seeking training and business opportunities that align with their values. On the other hand, centennials, or Gen Z, are digital natives who are concerned about the environment and show greater acceptance and understanding of diverse cultures in today's society.

When it comes to finances, 9 out of 10 millennials show interest in sustainable investments.1 Meanwhile, Gen Z finds companies that promote diversity and equality more appealing. Additionally, this generation is considered the most disruptive 2 when it comes to sectors in which they will invest, such as e-commerce, bitcoin, startups, and innovation. 

Although these two groups belong to different generations, they share a growing sense of social consciousness. Both millennials and Gen Z believe in their individual power to drive change. According to the 2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey conducted by Deloitte in Mexico, 3 these generations are directing their energy toward meaningful actions, such as increased political participation, aligning their spending and career choices with their values, and advocating for social change on the issues that matter most to them. Moreover, they expect institutions like businesses and governments to do more to help realize their vision of a better future. 

The study reveals that most millennials (60%) and Gen Z (59%) in Mexico have made decisions about the type of work they engage in and the organizations they are willing to work for based on their personal beliefs and ethics over the past two years.

Based on the observations, it can be said that the profile of individuals who donate specifically to nonprofit organizations has undergone a generational shift in recent years. Currently, it is millennials and Gen Z who contribute the most, and it seems that the leadership in this sector is transitioning to individuals from these generations, or at least that is the prevailing trend. This can be attributed to the fact that these generations possess a strong sense of social consciousness and are committed to supporting causes that aim to create a more just and supportive world. Their contributions are driven not out of obligation, but from a deep belief and trust in the cause.

According to a report by Forbes, 4 Gen Z has the potential to become one of the most charitable, empathetic, and supportive groups in society's efforts to bring about change. Although their donation amounts may not match those of previous generations, they have the greatest potential for growth.

This new era of altruistic young individuals actively joins social causes they believe in and are willing to contribute their part toward achieving the objectives pursued by these organizations. They share initiatives on their social networks, raising visibility for these organizations, connecting with their missions, and making donations through collective financing or crowdfunding platforms.

This phenomenon, often referred to as "social media activism" or "online activism," highlights the significance that these platforms hold for young people in terms of supporting social causes. Networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, are platforms that young people utilize to share, discuss, and even raise funds, contributing to the realization of social changes.

Online charitable donations from these generations have experienced exponential growth in recent years, becoming an essential component of fundraising efforts. However, it is notable how they carefully research and verify the authenticity and legitimacy of causes or organizations before offering support, ensuring they contribute in an informed manner.

At Be The Match®, a nonprofit organization that represents the most diverse registry of potential stem cell donors in the world, we believe in these supportive and committed young individuals who play a crucial role in achieving our mission of democratizing cell therapy in Mexico. They are part of our registry of potential donors patiently waiting to find genetic compatibility with patients suffering from blood diseases and potentially save their lives. These young people are true heroes in waiting.

While waiting to become potential heroes, they take action by making financial contributions and volunteering their time selflessly to support this cause.

In conclusion, these generations represent a transformative force and demonstrate it through their attitudes and a strong desire to build a more equitable, sustainable, and supportive world. They are considered the future of health and solidarity, as they are willing to challenge established norms and work toward a better future for all.

Photo by:   Sergio Medrano

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