Atramat: 50 Years of Suturing Quality
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Atramat: 50 Years of Suturing Quality

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Fri, 09/20/2019 - 11:22

Fifty years ago, Internacional Farmacéutica and its Atramat brand were consolidated, focusing on the production of surgical sutures to reduce tissue trauma. Atramat was also a pioneer in packaging innovation that would ensure that surgical sutures are kept in perfect condition until they are used by surgeons.
Today, Atramat is a global brand recognized for having one of the most complete portfolios of surgical sutures. It is used by surgeons around the world to close thousands of wounds daily, with absorbable and non-absorbable materials coated with antibacterial and strands with fixation systems that facilitate aesthetic wound closure.
Over the past decade, we have extended our portfolio of medical devices inspired by the trust that surgeons put in our products. In collaboration with some of the world's finest producers, we are adding a full line for minimally invasive spinal implants, anesthesia and ventilation circuits for wound closure to our product portfolio. Atramat is also developing new devices to continue expanding its portfolio.Our involvement in the worldwide medical devices industry is increasingly strong and is based on the need to maintain a quality culture supported by our certifications, including ISO13485: 2016, CE mark and MDSAP. We are convinced that our success is the result of a combination of leadership, innovation, technology, quality and passion to offer safe products for patients.

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