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Automation, Sustainability for Better Quality Packaging Solutions

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 08/03/2020 - 12:38

Q: Why has your technology become a top choice among clients?

A: In the thermoforming machines sector, MULTIVAC is the world leader with almost 60 percent market share. Technology development and innovation have put us in that position. We adapt our solutions to the client and this constantly makes us innovate and develop new technology so our equipment remains the most efficient by reducing packaging time. We recently launched a new product line to participate in the growing Industry 4.0 trend, incorporating a number of sensors and measuring devices to reduce downtime and increase equipment efficiency.

We are also looking to manage cloud data to get information from different users and better define the optimal parameters for using our equipment. Based on our experience with other manufacturers, we can gather data and information to define temperatures, times and pressure for a determined packaging line. Our equipment is also equipped with a diagnostics system that predicts potential trouble or failure, as well as the product’s remaining productive life. This means more productivity at a lower cost.

Q: What added value do your clients in the healthcare sector get from your packaging services?

A: We have been working with our commercial packaging manufacturing partners to develop more ecological projects and technologies. We are also starting to find a way to reduce the thickness of packaging material, which can be done in two ways: finding a supplier that owns technology to reduce the film thickness or having equipment that can help us create thinner packaging. Our only restriction is to make sure the new product does not represent a quality problem for our clients. Especially in Mexico, we have worked a lot with clients on the reduction of packaging thickness and on the use of recyclable materials. 

Q: How do you ensure the quality of your equipment throughout its productive life cycle?

A: We keep track of the components in each piece of equipment. As a result, we can know exactly what is causing a problem in case of failure. This prevents damage and expedites a solution. Whenever needed, we inspect our equipment at our client’s facilities and we run a test of the packaging to make sure we comply with everything that was established. When we deliver the machine, we send a technical team to install it and we run a test one more time so ensure its working properly. We also have contracts to deliver preventive maintenance and services for the equipment. We keep in contact with the client and send a team to check their machine every three, six or nine months.

We are in constant contact with our clients. Rather than developing technology based on market needs, we focus on innovating in our technology and engineering services based on our clients and on quality standards.

Q: What are MULTIVAC’s short-term goals?

A: First, we would like to position our SNAPSIL technology in the Mexican market. SNAPSIL is a patented product that was developed in Australia but we still have not been able to introduce it to Mexico. We are still looking for a candidate that is fully convinced of the benefits of this innovative concept and the premium value it could add.

For this specific solution, we are targeting the pharmaceutical sector instead of medical devices. We find the pharmaceutical sector to be a more ideal market as those companies can get the most out of this innovative packaging solution. We want to dabble further into the pharmaceutical sector but we still need to identify the products on which we want to focus. We also want to strengthen our presence in the business of consumables for packaging. MULTIVAC also wants to grow in the industrial sector, which has not been our natural market but is an area where we see a great deal of potential.

Q: How did the pharmaceutical market evolve during 2019 and what are the main trends that shaped it?

A: Mexico generally exports its products to the US so its performance tends to be stable. As MULTIVAC’s Mexican subsidiary, we have the challenge of strengthening our relationship with the American office to increase the number of orders in Mexico. The need for automation services is growing and with this comes an increasing worry regarding the workforce, especially in Mexico. It is not just a subject of cost but of labor turnover. This is the main reason why our clients want to be less dependent on the human factor and automate their productive processes.

Overall, the pharmaceutical market faced problems with delayed tenders and new purchasing dynamics resulting from the change in federal administration. These factors led to changes in scheduling that eventually delayed entire distribution processes.


MULTIVAC is a Germany-based company specialized in packaging solutions for the medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries. Its products can be used for automatic and semiautomatic packaging lines

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