Betting on Preventive Healthcare
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Betting on Preventive Healthcare

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Rubén Barba - Grupo Diagnóstico Aries (GDA)
Director General


Q: How did the pandemic and the ensuing changes impact GDA?

A: For Grupo Diagnóstico Aries, the pandemic was a watershed. From that moment on, our growth has accelerated. Today, we are a group of laboratories that has an unparalleled projection in the country that has marked the path toward which we are heading. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were one of the first laboratories recognized by the Institute for Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) to carry out the detection test for SARS-CoV-2. This was possible due to our state-of-the-art technology and the System of Quality Management endorsed by the ISO-15189 accreditation. This also helped us automate analytical processes and ensure the reliability of results, a practice recognized by the Communication Council that awarded us the Exceptional Companies 2021 award.

Q: What strategies have you implemented to ensure quality among your multiple brands?

A:  Quality is a pillar of my strategy. We are prioritizing it in all areas of the group, including medical, accounting and purchasing. Quality is an important factor on which we base the group's strategy to continue positively impacting the health of millions of Mexicans. Our Total Quality model is based on compliance with the strictest quality standards for the competence of clinical laboratories, ISO 15189 and SO 17025, and quality management ISO 9001. Among our 13 brands, we are committed to maintaining the highest-quality standards. We remain true to our purpose through the continuous training of our staff, technological updates and the improvement of our processes. 

Q: What strategies is GDA implementing to increase the popularity of laboratories as an essential part of preventive healthcare? 

A: All of us who participate in this market have the challenge of making society more aware of health. However, the pandemic made people take more responsibility for their health. As part of the health sector, GDA has the responsibility to communicate the importance of prevention, which is why we have built alliances with different public and private organizations that allow us to add to this purpose. In December 2021, ProMedic, which is dedicated to providing comprehensive health services, joined our group. ProMedic adapts an occupational health management system according to the needs of companies with a focus on the primary prevention of risk factors in the work environment. We are also working to create content for the general population to make visible the need to approach health professionals and have regular check-ups.

Moreover, since 2019, GDA has held virtual and face-to-face academic events primarily related to the training of first-contact doctors who are the channel for prevention and timely care for millions of people. Through webinars and specialized debates led by renowned specialists as well as our first Medical Congress, GDA has provided relevant and current information to more than 35,000 doctors in Mexico. These hybrid spaces are endorsed by the National Regulatory Committee for General Medicine, the Center Specialized in Diabetes and Obesity, the National Association of General and Family Physicians A. C. and Cuauhtémoc University. These and other initiatives are part of the comprehensive project, From GDA to Our Doctors, which seeks to continue strengthening the knowledge of health professionals in the country and thereby have a significant and positive impact on the health of millions of patients.

Q: How will GDA’s digital innovation program transform your offerings?

A: We are going to carry out a digital transformation of all our brands that will range from our website to the brand applications themselves. At GDA, we are implementing a relationship strategy with our patients, doctors and clients. For this reason, the information on studies, quotes, scheduling, online collection, delivery of invoices and results will be available on our website. In addition, specific interactions will be offered through specific channels, such as the issuance of electronic prescriptions, patient follow-up, generation of electronic passes and mass download of results. We now have 10 chatbots among our main brands, which have accelerated the response to our patients. We are up to 1,320,000 chats per month. We are also working on consolidation in the cloud that will strengthen the availability of our services, provide greater speed and allow a greater focus on information security. Consolidating our information in the cloud will allow us to access big data and AI services to make decisions in a more agile and informed way.

Q: How prepared is the Mexican market for GDA’s digital transformation?

A: It is not fully ready but people will adapt to it as they interact with these platforms. We would like everyone to actively participate in this transformation but there are still many people who use the phone to get a quote or to make an appointment even though it can already be done electronically. But we are moving forward to continue providing a better service to all our customers.

Q: What role does GDA expect to perform as a partner that promotes workers’ well-being?

A: GDA is an organization that addresses the well-being of its associates. For the last six years, we have had a health and wellness program, called ViveGDA, which promotes mental and physical health as well as personal and work-life balance. It has also earned us recognition from the Health and Wellness Business Council as a Health-Responsible Company for the fourth consecutive year.

Q: What are your priorities for 2023?

A: We will continue to work on our organic expansion to strengthen the presence of GDA in the country and we will start to explore foreign markets. We will also continue our efforts linked to the academic training of health professionals in Mexico. Additionally, we will prioritize ESG actions to add value to the organization and our services, which impact millions of people. GDA will also consolidate its reputation as an employer brand and will continue to promote the integral well-being of our associates. We will innovate using the most current technologies and ally with other organizations to offer the best service to all our clients.


Grupo Diagnóstico Aries (GDA) is a reference in clinical diagnosis and imaging services in Mexico. It offers a broad portfolio of solutions that focuses on innovation, quality and state-of-the-art technology.

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