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Big Data Solutions Adapt to Pharmaceutical Companies’ Needs

By Miriam Bello | Thu, 10/08/2020 - 12:37

Q: Why is your company the best option for pharmaceutical companies?

A: Big Data gives us the possibility to access volumes of information. What Smart Scale is doing now goes beyond Big Data. We have been working with Deep Data to provide more filtered information that saves companies research time and gives them much more selective material. Smart Scale has specialized in Deep Data search with a high level of detail in terms of the information that our clients need.

Our experience with data gives clients certainty regarding the quality of our services while also eliminating risks related to private property rights and privacy of personal information.

Q: Why is Smart Scale the best provider of SmartCRM services?

A: Harmony CRM is the CRM system we developed, which favors the pharmaceutical industry and helps understand the needs of the national and international industry. Smart Scale offers personalized services for labs based on their products. Although that niche has been identified by other companies, their offer is not as qualified as ours. Many clients end up coming back to our services after experiencing other companies’ work. Smart Scale proactively works for and with clients to come up with effective user-friendly solutions that increase clients’ productivity and which ease the identification of their targets and market segments. We focus on making CRM the biggest advantage for our clients after they have ensured the efficacy of their product

We work with international companies that handle cyberattacks to ensure complete safety of our client’s data and information.

Q: How is your company and its practices transforming the pharmaceutical sector?

A: Smart Scale’s dynamism and adaptability help transform the industry because we help clients to create real impact that can transform the productivity of the sales forces. When we focus our specialized solutions on what a client wants and seeks to achieve, we create a system that supports the client’s business to best address their needs and boost their work with information that can revolutionize their decision-making, work and development.

Q: What target project would Smart Scale like to tackle next?

A: Our goal is for clients to value our system, which is adapted for their business instead of the client adapting to our service. We have faced stiff competition on prices because our competitors offer standardized services and clients fail to see the importance of our personalized work. For Smart Scale, it is also important to take care of our human capital and we are not willing to sacrifice them and our quality for a cheaper price. Smart Scale is a serious company that is transparent and confident in its work and practices.


Smart Scale specializes in consulting services for the pharmaceutical industry and the health sector using global technological tools. The company provides digital services to more than 40 leading pharmaceutical companies

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Journalist and Industry Analyst