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Bio-Decontamination Overcoming Administrative Challenges

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 09/28/2020 - 12:24

Q: How has Grupo Rasch tailored its strategy to increase its reach in the market?

A: We formulated a new strategy to reach hospitals. We created a business called Sanieren Tech for our hospital bio-decontamination solution and our expectation is to offer this solution to public hospitals, too. We need to further develop this business but we have already held talks with private institutions and have had a good reception. In the public sector, we plan to first reach out to state governments or their ministries of health because that is the best and most cost-effective approach. Even though this is a new company, we already have the ISO 9000 certification and a highly specialized working team.

Q: What have been the biggest changes that Grupo Rasch has faced in the Mexican healthcare sector?

A: Approaching the federal government has not been easy. It has been difficult to achieve growth as the administration has tightened the budgets of every institution, which has led to the cancellation of our services at a rate of 25 percent. This has pushed us to reformulate our contracts and try to offer cheaper prices, but this is not a positive development for either the public or the private healthcare sectors.

Investment has also been frozen, mainly in the national pharmaceutical sector that now, more than ever, faces challenges to survive. The centralized purchase program has set strict rules that do not allow many companies to compete, which means they are practically barred from participating in the market. The big transnational pharmaceutical companies are still investing in Mexico and I hope that lasts for the sake of the sector. There has also been a negative impact on the distribution sector because having just one distributor leaves many other companies adrift due to their dependence on those contracts.

This situation has pushed us to diversify our portfolio of clients and markets. We are proud to say that we have not had staff layoffs. Part of the work we do is to maintain this workforce and team. Pharma makes up about 85 percent of our portfolio but if we could redirect 10 percent of our business into some other industries, we could have interesting results.

Q: What would you highlight from the work of Grupo Rasch during these times?

A: We survived and even created Sanieren Tech. Also, we are partnering with another company in the pharma sector in Latin America, a market that is similar to Mexico but some years behind  

Grupo Rasch is a Mexican company with 25 years in the market. Our commitment to quality services will never be influenced by outside factors and will remain constant for as long as we keep working in this industry.

Q: What are your short-terms goals for Grupo Rasch?

A: We do not want to let go of our workforce and we are making our best efforts to keep it that way. The global situation overall affects us as well because we sell our products in dollars, which means that when the peso starts losing ground against the US dollar, clients take a step back when they are supposed to pay.

Although we want to be optimistic, it is hard for us to believe that things will change for the better, especially for the healthcare sector, which is why we are betting on the pharmaceutical sector.


Grupo Rasch helps health companies ensure the efficiency of quality management systems. Its services include sales of European machinery, preventive and corrective maintenance, sale of spare parts and clean-room services

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Journalist and Industry Analyst