Enzo Gravina
Director General

Biotechnology Connection

Wed, 09/09/2015 - 15:02

In 2007, after an in-depth analysis of Mexico’s healthcare needs and strengths, Bioconnect was created. While other companies focusing on the Mexican life sciences area were mostly concerned with linking academia to the government, Bioconnect aimed to implement a triple helix concept, a successful model for university-industry-government relationships. The company focuses on a key event aimed at identifying and capitalizing on Mexican business opportunities within the Mexican life sciences industry, a sector strategic to the generation of business and investment opportunities. The event, which is currently in its seventh edition, aims to foment strategic interactions to promote innovation and bring together the main players in the sector, academia, government, and industry. The event offers the opportunity to connect with leaders in the sector, conduct business meetings, attend conferences on the main events facing the healthcare industry, and propose new projects. Bioconnect has tirelessly worked to link academic research in life sciences with market opportunities in the health sector.

At this point the sector is facing important opportunities, as well as challenges to close the gap between these three players. Enzo Gravina, Director General of Bioconnect, explains that, “aggressive strategies will bring together all stakeholders in the life sciences industry.” In his opinion these strategies are vital in order to raise the science and technology sector to 1% of the national GDP. Gravina believes that “the sector needs to generate more jobs and new scientific discoveries, but also must invest in networking and technology-transfer opportunities for all parties interested in the sector. To develop Mexico’s life sciences sector, every opportunity ought to be explored.” At this point, Bioconnect is strongly interested in attracting investors. To this end, the company is working to align the interests of a range of key stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, universities, angel investors, mentor networks, and venture capitalists. Bioconnect’s conferences, and innovative programs focus on relationship building to provide new opportunities for universities and researchers in Mexico. Bioconnect is currently collaborating with CONACYT and supports students to promote their projects by giving them the necessary information relating to commercialization in the country. Gravina says, “we are obliged to make entrepreneurs and science students aware of possible funding routes. We also provide support throughout the process of obtaining those funds.”

While the company is strong, there is a strong desire to expand. In 2015 Bioconnect aims to continue integrating the technology developed by research centers, universities, and consultants into the existing structures of the life sciences industry. As Gravina expalins “we plan to link these potential projects across the industry, promote development in the field of technology throughout the country. We will also continue to promote Bioconnect as an excellent technological partner for all research centers."