Esteban Abad
Vice President and Head
Upper Latin America at Glenmark
View from the Top

Branded Generics Could Underpin Universal Access to Healthcare

Tue, 01/15/2019 - 18:00

Q: What benefits can Glenmark bring to Mexican clients and how does its offering differentiates from other local and international manufacturers?
A: Glenmark’s biggest differentiator against other Indian companies in Latin America is that all its executives are local and come from Big Pharma companies. Glenmark aspires to be a Big Pharma company and is strengthening its operations through pharma know-how and experience. Initially, the company wanted to cover different therapeutic areas in Latin America but it was more profitable to specialize in pneumology, dermatology and oncology.
Glenmark has a different portfolio for each country, depending on the market’s opportunity areas. It has experienced rapid growth, particularly in pneumological medicine, and penetration has been favorable thanks to the differentiation of Glenmark’s products. Since branded generics companies offer very similar products in large markets like Mexico, Glenmark believes the best strategy is to offer highly differentiated products at affordable prices. Our flagship product, Misdapre Rac, is the combination of two drugs (Montelukast and Levocetirizine) that already exist in the market but no other company has them together. Our other differentiated product is Nebzmart, which is a portable nebulizer.