Building on Consumers' Trust: Made in Germany
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Building on Consumers' Trust: Made in Germany

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Indira Miranda - CAMEXA
Trade and Investment Consultant for the Healthcare Industry
 Johannes Hauser
Johannes Hauser - CAMEXA
Director General and Official Delegate of German Industry and Commerce in Mexico


Q: To what extent is Mexico considered a land of opportunity by German companies, and how many German companies operate in the Mexican healthcare sector?

A: We believe that Mexico is an extremely attractive country for German companies in healthcare. The increasing population of Mexico, and therefore its need for an expanding healthcare infrastructure, represents significant opportunities for German companies. The Mexican government agency charged with attracting foreign direct investment, ProMéxico, is promoting the country on the basis of its young population. However, this will soon change and so too will the healthcare needs within the country. Overall, there are many promising opportunities to be found for smaller companies in the Mexican market.

This year marks 86 years since the inauguration of the German-Mexican Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CAMEXA) and we now represent most of the German companies operating in the country. Our mission is to support the bilateral economic relations between Germany and Mexico, which includes both commercial and investment aspects. Today, with around 650 members, we are the biggest European chamber in Mexico. However, we want to emphasize that not all the German companies operating in Mexico are associated with our chamber. Many German companies have entered the Mexican healthcare market because the sector offers encouraging opportunities and attracts a significant amount of foreign investment, and CAMEXA has approximately 53 members in the healthcare area. Apart from the already wellexploited pharmaceutical sector, we feel there is a growing need for medical equipment in Mexico. We believe that German companies can provide a substantial part of the required technology, which is why we currently focus on supporting medical devices companies.

Q: What are the main barriers for companies entering the Mexican market?

A: The main reason why European companies are reluctant to enter the Mexican market is the fact that other countries seem to be more accessible in terms of regulatory processes. Companies in the healthcare sector considering Mexico as a potential target market have concerns about the registration processes required by COFEPRIS and time delays in registration approval. The German companies with a presence in Mexico are largely satisfied with the opportunities available, but a few challenges remain in terms of improving the image of the country and the ease of doing business here. When any of our members have a problem, CAMEXA can participate as a neutral partner in the dialogue between the German companies and the Mexican institutions.

Q: How does CAMEXA support German companies developing their medical devices business in Mexico?

A: The medical devices industry has flourished in recent years in Mexico. Some German companies such as Siemens, Dräger, BBraun, Carl Zeiss, and Karl Storz are already well-established within the country’s framework. One of the advantages for German companies in Mexico is the excellent reputation for high quality possessed by most German products. Therefore the brand “Made in Germany” is one of the strategies used by German companies in Mexico to expand their business by building on the trust of the consumer and the quality of their products.

Q: With the German Year in Mexico approaching, what are your priorities for cooperation in the health industry?

A: In conjunction with the trade show organizer MFV Expo, the chamber is currently preparing an exhibition called “Hecho en Alemania” (Made in Germany). Within the framework of this exhibition we will be organizing a conference of German Health Care Technology. “Hecho en Alemania” is the first and most important event for the German Economy during the German Year in Mexico.


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