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Client-Centric Portfolio Strengthens Leadership Position

Gabriel Zavala - Farmacias del Ahorro
Commercial Executive Director


Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 01/21/2021 - 13:48

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Q: How do you balance price with quality to remain one of the most competitive pharmacies in Mexico?

A: Farmacias del Ahorro (FAhorro) is committed to offering fair prices for services and products. Our services go beyond selling medicines. One of our top achievements has been our leadership in supplying complete prescriptions due to our large and homogenous offer. We have the most complete portfolio in the medicine retail market. Moreover, we offer free medical consultations and an electronic wallet where clients can accumulate money. FAhorro’s home delivery service is also free of charge and our broad coverage makes our health service widely available. This integral offering has made us a leader among pharmacies and a success story in Mexico.

We have an effective reorder system that customizes our supply for each pharmacy according to its needs and trends. Our clients build our catalog, which means we are responding to patients’ needs based on demand. We are looking forward to expanding our presence where there is opportunity to grow and position FAhorro as the best-known and relevant pharmacy chain in Mexico.

Q: How does FAhorro contribute to increasing prevention and decreasing the disease burden in Mexico?

A: Our pharmacies are based on four main pillars. The first is correction, which focuses on medicines. The second pillar is drive, which includes our hygiene, beauty, dental care and drinks. The third is the emotive pillar, which includes dermatological care. The last pillar is prevention, which promotes preventive healthcare. Three years ago, we launched a project to introduce healthier products, such as snacks, organic vitamins, dietary products and supplements, as well as other products that go beyond being sugar-free and that are organic and healthy options for the client. So far, this project has been well-received. Moreover, we have organized projects alongside federal entities, with the doctors at each pharmacy promoting and encouraging prevention among the local population. 

Q: What alliances has FAhorro established to ensure its success?

A: FAhorro has been supportive of public initiatives to promote health and improve conditions in Mexico. Another important alliance is with our suppliers, which enables us to distribute our products successfully. Of course, one of best allies is our staff and we constantly train them to offer a welcoming atmosphere to the patient and to help FAhorro stand out from other pharmacies. 

Q: How are FAhorro’s pharmacies transforming to meet technological and digital demands?

A: We started with home deliveries and our digital platform before COVID-19. We have a department working on this service, instead of depending on another company for it. Thanks to this experience, we have been able to improve our service offering. We can ensure deliveries within 30-60 minutes and we are working to improve those times.

FAhorro has also launched its own app because we understand that the digital transformation accelerated with COVID-19 and is here to stay.

Q: What is the most significant challenge that FAhorro faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and how did you overcome it?

A: We faced increasing demand for a group of products. Manufacturers of such products would significantly increase the prices on those supplies and due to the high demand and prices we created strategies to keep our offering affordable. Over time, we established strategies be independent of third parties and continue supplying to our clients. We continue to reduce the price for this product, despite increases in the cost of raw materials.

Another scenario we faced was a drop in sales of products that were presumably bad in case of COVID-19 contagion, such as ibuprofen. However, sales are recovering. It has been a balance between increased demand for some products and reduced demand for others. However, demand seems to be normalizing. The pandemic has caused an overflow in stock but despite the challenges, it has been a good sales year for FAhorro.

We are also offering an antigen test for detecting COVID-19 at an affordable price, significantly below the average, which is what FAhorro is about. Our idea is not to profit from a situation like this but to build an affordable offering for clients.


Farmacias del Ahorro (FAhorro) is a leading national pharmacy chain. It is a fully Mexican company with over 20 years of steady growth. Farmacias del Ahorro has more than 1,200 subsidiaries and over 18,000 employees.

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