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Clinical Diagnosis, Flexible Pharma Solutions From Mexican SME

By Miriam Bello | Wed, 12/23/2020 - 08:00

Q: Why are DIBICO’s solutions the best option for the clinical diagnostics and pharma industries?

A: DIBICO is a family business with 40 years of experience providing products for the clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, cosmetics, water treatment and research industries. DIBICO began building its name by providing high quality products that allowed us to compete in niche markets with multinational companies. Our growth drove us to expand our infrastructure, to hire more collaborators and to work on new product development and brand positioning. We are proud to say that DIBICO has become a reference for chemists and bacteriologists and a synonym for quality, service and flexibility.

Our success in the national industry has driven us to expand to Central America. DIBICO has strong manufacturing capabilities and a guaranteed quality that is not easy to replicate in other markets. This has been key to our success outside Mexico. We have established a good synergy with other products in the microbiology segment in Central America and have successfully built our presence alongside our distribution partners.

Q: How representative is the life sciences sector for DIBICO?

A: About 50 percent of our sales are within the clinical diagnostics market to clients such as SSA, IMSS, ISSSTE or private laboratories. In the pharmaceutical market, our clients are quality control areas of local and international pharmaceutical manufacturers, which they use to make sure their products or processes comply with quality and sanitary regulations. On the industrial side, we supply companies like Kimberly Clark de Mexico, FEMSA and P&G.

As a supplier, complying with the regulatory and technical requirements of local authorities as well as of large multinationals has been a challenging, but rewarding journey that never seems to end. Their strict and high standard requirements become our advantage against competitors.

Q: What are DIBICO’s flagship products?

A: Our prepared culture media for clinical diagnostics has been among our most successful products this year. We have over 100 products and solutions in microbiological diagnostics. This area has experienced solid growth this year, coupled with products known as transport mediums.

When COVID-19 began in Mexico, demand for viral transport medium used for samples of COVID-19 tests increased quickly. As an SME, we have been able to respond and adapt to demand because of our flexibility and fast product development. We shifted our production lines and thanks to our good manufacturing practices, we could even invest in this new production. In the long term, this is a market we can keep exploiting. Moreover, our strategy and vision to move quickly into this market allowed us to compensate other areas that were hit as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, we remained strong in the market. In the near term, DIBICO will work to consolidate these new products.

Q: How has DIBICO positioned itself in the life sciences market?

A: DIBICO has achieved a high-quality product consistency, which delivers the satisfactory results for our clients when using our products. Quality and efficiency are highly valued in culture media market that works with short expiration dates. We have built smart product mix and inventory that allows a quick response to our clients’ immediate needs.

Q: What are DIBICO’s near-term goals?

A: For 2020, we will continue growing in all business lines locally, in Central America and South America. DIBICO works daily to build a stronger company with a consolidated and solid team, with our permanent goal of complying with local and international regulations which are key for a sustainable growth. COVID-19 crisis disrupted every supply chain, we are no exception. However, we are proud to say that we are able to provide our products to every customer and final user that is working on the front line of the pandemic every day.


DIBICO is a Mexican company founded in 1980 that specializes in the production of microbiological culture media. Its portfolio addresses the needs of the clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, cosmetics, water treatment and research industries.

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Journalist and Industry Analyst