News Article

Closing Remarks

Wed, 09/09/2015 - 13:28

Dr. Dagoberto Cortés Cervantes, Director General of Hormona and President of ANAFAM, started his speech by informing the audience on the wealth generated by the pharmaceutical industry. He then moved forward to the progress that COFEPRIS has done in the last few years.

“This agency is efficient, protects the patient with safe medicines and helps the pharmaceutical industry competitiveness,” Cortés mentioned. According to him, the agency contributes by opening new markets for Mexico and pushes local standards to compete with the most innovative and advanced countries, bringing new and larger investments.

The president of ANAFAM explained that the industry needs to collaborate with public policies to endorse growth and specialization in order to improve the medicines quality. He stated that Mexico has lots of research potential, backed up by trustworthy institutions and with main asset for the pharmaceutical sector: patients.

“The country needs to adapt to international standards, there are several high technology processes that no not require large investments but will and resource efficiency,” Cortés said.

He concluded that the industry needs tighter participation between academia, the public sector and the companies to achieve a transcendent industry.