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Cold Chain Specialization for Clinical Trial Success

By Miriam Bello | Thu, 01/16/2020 - 14:51

Q: What role does World Courier play in clinical trials and research?

A: Clinical trials are the starting point for APIs to become patented, commercialized and distributed. They are usually performed by large laboratories that need to meet strict global standards. At a laboratory warehouse, pharmaceuticals and placebos, derivatives and other materials are all part of a trial. Our depots have specialized storage and distribution facilities designed to transport specialty logistics products while meeting global compliance standards. 

For clinical trials in Latin America, we help pharmaceutical companies and central labs with the administration of the necessary supplies and APIs. We receive everything, catalog it and maintain the necessary temperature range required through our packaging solutions. We prepare orders and distribute them to clinics, hospitals, clinical trial sites and even directly to patients through our DTP service.

Q: How does World Courier’s Cocoon service help clients to improve their logistics processes?

A: International demand is increasingly growing for technologically advanced packaging solutions. Cocoon is a patented and exclusive product from World Courier used for international shipments.

When a client needs to transport an asset, be it a medicine or a vaccine, Cocoon’s specific combination of gels alongside its proprietary technology guarantees temperature-control for a certain period without the need for a power source. Power failures due to errors can lead to temperature variations that can spoil an API. Millions of dollars behind a research protocol can go to waste if a client does not have a container that meets today's international standards. Cocoon's predecessors sometimes also used a gel system but our containers are more advanced, last longer, weigh less and are made of carbon fiber. We offer different packaging sizes that can range from one European or American pallet to two EU pallets.

Q: What actions is World Courier taking to strengthen its operations and solutions?

A: Customers are frantically looking for faster and reliable options at a lower cost. With this in mind, we showcase Cocoon’s benefits and we do trial runs to demonstrate the quality we manage, delivering specialty logistics products in the shortest time possible while maintaining the correct temperature range.

Globally, World Courier is recognized as the most trusted company for supply chain solutions. We are now using all international contracts to touch base with our clients here in Mexico. The strategy is to focus on the client and on our competitive advantage: clinical trial storage and distribution that meet global compliance standards.

Q: What factors do you consider key to grow the company?

A: World Courier was acquired in 2012 by AmerisourceBergen. We turn 50 in 2019 and we are now partnered with the 10th-largest Fortune 500 company. This drug distribution company is also governed by many agencies that regulate everything in terms of anti-corruption practices.

This year, our goal is to develop and promote Cocoon and advise our clients, both CROs and large laboratories, on the subject of clinical trials. World Courier is the most reliable worldwide company in cold chain logistics at an international level.


World Courier is a global logistics company offering solutions to address the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies: commercial supply chain, pharmaceutical storage and distribution, clinical trial logistics, cell and gene therapy and direct-to-patient shipments

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