Emilia López-Portillo
Director General
Monterrey Ciudad de la Salud
View from the Top

Collaboration Among Players Boosts State Healthcare Strength

Wed, 05/15/2019 - 10:59

Q: What opportunities do you see in Monterrey and in the state of Nuevo Leon for health innovations?
A: The cluster wants to create synergies between different players in the sector. With Industry 4.0 taking hold, we are working on attracting startups and institutions to the cluster that focus on this topic. We believe there are many opportunities for innovation in prevention, early diagnosis and preventive medicine schemes. There has also been an increase in the number of patient-monitoring apps and those focused on helping people live a healthy life.
Q: What efforts is the cluster making to diversify its membership?
A: We started as a small association for hospitals only. Competition between hospitals is very strong, so as a cluster we need to be a neutral and transparent platform that is equitable for everyone. But we felt that we were very limited, which is why we are trying to integrate doctors as well. The cluster made significant efforts to promote the strength of institutions, including their technologies and procedures, but not their doctors. However, they can help in sharing of good practices between hospitals.
We are also working on including pharmaceutical companies and laboratories that were isolated from the cluster. We have had a number of meetings to analyze how we can work together and create a win-win situation. The idea is to find a way to work together for consolidated purchases or provide more benefits for hospitals belonging to the cluster. Having pharmaceutical members provides us with another differentiator and attracts more hospitals and members to the cluster. At the same time, we believe laboratories and pharmaceutical companies would greatly benefit from being part of the cluster. Since they do a great deal of research and need to work with patients, hospitals are important allies. These players are in different parts of the country, like Tijuana and Guadalajara, but we want to invite them to join the cluster nonetheless. When it comes to the supply chain, we are not limited by geography.
While we are open to including new companies, the cluster is still divided on whether to invite insurance players. These companies have a delicate relationship with hospitals. Still, it is important for them to operate on neutral ground.