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Collaborations to Improve Mexico’s Healthcare

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 07/15/2021 - 17:15

This week, several expert contributors shared with MBN their perspective on the major challenges and opportunities for the healthcare sector. Medix’s Carlos López addressed the evolution of communication during the pandemic and how his company leveraged it to stay afloat. Hera Diagnostics’ Teo Tijerina introduced an innovative tool that leverages artificial intelligence to detect cervical cancer. Horacio Garza of CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Health System shared how regions in Mexico could benefit from a hospital network.

Finally, at a time when uncertainty and stress are becoming increasingly prevalent, mental health should become a priority, explained Edilberto Peña de León, Director of CISNE

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What Role Does Communication Now Play in Companies?: Carlos López, Director General at Medix

Communication has taken a new role within companies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, explains López. “The role of communication is a key element in generating true teamwork when working remotely and without the usual physical contact so that our colleagues’ commitment and responsibilities are not only unaffected but even favored.” López explains how communication has evolved from in-person to hybrid and remote communication alternatives and how those changes affect the operations of healthcare companies. Read more here!

Integral Care for Better Mental Health: Edilberto Peña de León, Director at CISNE

Mental health has taken the spotlight as confinement and uncertainty have put an increasing amount of people under stress especially as the WHO warns of a fourth wave of COVID-19 cases, explained Peña de León. He emphasized the importance of collaboration to promote mental health. “Multidisciplinary work is key to patient success as there are few diseases that fall within the scope of a single area. Almost all diseases require collaboration,” he explains. Read more here!

Leveraging AI to Improve Cancer Diagnosis: Teo Tijerina, CEO and Founder of Hera Diagnostics

Technology is giving humans new low-cost tools to detect cancer. Hera Diagnostics has developed a diagnostic tool that will facilitate cervical cancer detection by leveraging artificial intelligence. While clinical trials are still in process, preliminary testing has showed that Hera Diagnostic’s tool is capable of detecting 90 percent of cervical cancer cases, when compared a biopsy. The product has marginalized communities in mind and plans to foster collaborations to bring it where it is needed. Read more here!

Social, Educational Commitment Differentiate Network: Horacio Garza, Director General at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Health System

CHISTUS MUGUERZA’s quality management program focuses on developing its network of hospitals, explained Garza. The hospital system recently conducted a geomarket study to determine what regions could benefit most from this model and veered into the adoption of augmented reality to improve surgeries. Read more here!

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