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Communication Solution Boosts Health Access

By Miriam Bello | Wed, 04/21/2021 - 10:32

Q: Within3 allows for conversations among stakeholders of the life sciences industry through its communication software. What motivated the development of this solution?

A: Within3 is a software company whose mission is to connect the world of life sciences and healthcare. Investment in technology is mainly focused on big data analytics for better decision-making but there has been very little investment in solving communications problems among the different actors within these two sectors. All companies in life sciences and healthcare need to be in constant communication with their consumers, from payers to physicians. Normally, the way to do this is by hosting a presential or virtual meeting with all these actors together. We transformed this into a virtual platform.

Within3 has built a virtual engagement platform that allows life sciences and health companies to bring together all their different stakeholders into an online space that generates engagement by offering a trusted venue to gain deep insight into the marketplace, to collaborate on products or treatments and to co-work on publications, with a spectrum of other activities along the way.

Within3 strives for better, faster, cheaper and safer communications networks for our clients. Furthermore, we created a model that allows physicians and patients to help life sciences and health companies bring their treatments to the market. To date, we are working with the Top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and medical devices companies, as well as SMEs.

Q: What is the goal of each of Within3’s applications?

A: That depends on the client’s project. For instance, an R&D project for a pharmaceutical company will require a workspace that allows questions, tracks the workflow of researchers and provides an opportunity for dialogue or interaction so all parties can work together to develop the solution. At the same time, it opens up opportunities for discussion on the subject. For instance, a pharmaceutical company working on a product for the Mexican market would need different insights from that market. Typically, they would approach a limited number of physicians in the country and consult with them on the treatment and its uses. This is usually time-consuming because you have to align people’s schedules, which also takes time away from the physician’s practice. Even though physicians are now using virtual platforms more often, they are swamped with work and consulting them becomes difficult.

Within3 solves all those problems with its virtual venue. The pharmaceutical company can create a space with appropriate parameters to host the content it needs to gather. Physicians can simply upload their inputs to the platform when they have the time to do so. There is no need to try to get everyone together at the same time. The result is a much more diverse, faster and convenient way to engage with stakeholders.

Q: How does the platform generate and measure engagement?

A: Prior to the pandemic, Within3 was growing at a 100 percent rate. With the imposition of travel restrictions and lockdowns, our impact increased. During the pandemic, as people began migrating to the digital world, there was a general assumption that people would have homogeneous tech access, from internet connections to technological understanding of their platforms. We understand that, in reality, that is not the case. Instead of forcing stakeholders, physicians, patients and clients to be available at the same time, companies need to be available at the convenience of these actors. Within3 facilitates this and allows companies to connect with different people without time and place barriers.

Q: What are your growth expectations in terms of reach?

A: We have staff in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. From a user point of view, we are present in over 160 countries in terms of the multinational companies we work with. As we expand, it is important to have local understanding of the new markets we are approaching. Our technology translates to over 100 languages natively in real time, which favors data collection. We work from the ground up to meet our customers and users where they are, in the language and time zone that they are in and with the technology and internet connection they have.

Q: How is Within3 innovating to cope with a highly innovative industry?

A: We invest significantly in R&D every year to improve our communication processes in life sciences and health. For these companies, the amount of market feedback they get from physicians, patients, advocacy groups, governments and organizations can be overwhelming. It can get hard to deeply explore all the information they receive, so we are trying to understand and break down the information for decision-makers. The virtual environment allows basic functions such as transcription or language translation through AI, natural language processing and other technologies to collect the most relevant information. We will be investing in these and other ways to improve how we handle feedback from companies.

We have found that we are really good at fostering participation. We have achieved a 90 percent rate of participation in the programs we run every month with physicians and companies that are outside the company that is hosting the interaction. It is also important to keep developing our natural language processing tools, both from a service and a technology standpoint. We see our platform supporting over 40 different communication processes, including phone calls and other processes that take up time but add little value to a company’s solution development.

We want to continue growing as rapidly as possible, according to our clients’ demands. Healthcare is limited by access to treatments, equipment and infrastructure. If physicians do not have access to state-of-the-art innovation, this can compromise diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The way to address this is through data, which also demands better and more efficient connectivity. This is what we are trying to solve: to better connect the industry with physicians and patients so that ultimately, patients get better and equal attention through real-time innovations.


Within3 is a leading software communications company for life sciences and healthcare organizations. Its platform allows organizations to engage with physicians, nurses, payers and patients.

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Journalist and Industry Analyst