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Carlos Esquivel
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Complement the International Offer With National Solutions

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 17:16

Q: Why is Corporativo Promedica de Mexico (CPM) the ideal provider for healthcare institutions looking to acquire medical devices?

GP: We are a 100 percent Mexican company that has been in the market for more than 20 years. CPM manufactures and distributes Mexican brands such as Dimedic and Promedimex, as well as an extensive catalog of recognized European technology brands. We also offer technical support and maintenance services. Beyond technology and quality, CPM offers the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers and the Mexican market. We can create customized solutions that foreign companies often cannot satisfy.

Q: How does CPM help increase access to medical technology in remote or rural communities?

CE: CPM assisted IMSS with the preparation of a medical kit for rural communities composed of international brands. The problem was that no international supplier of basic medical equipment had the medical kit with the necessary materials. These were only sold individually, which considerably increased the price. We put together a medical kit using Riester’s technology and our Mexican brands. IMSS was therefore able to obtain a fully equipped medical kit that included international brands but also national technology at a fair price and high quality.

Q: What actions is CPM taking to fulfill its vision of consolidating as a leader in the health sector?

GP: CPM’s knowledge about the Mexican market can make a difference for new companies that are entering the country. Some Chinese businesses are selling cheaper beds to hospitals but clients have had problems due to the simple fact that the size has not been adapted to Mexican ergonomics. CPM’s has the competitive advantage of its experience in the market, but it also to have very competitive products against the Chinese ones.

We seek to complement our Mexican brands with international products. CPM is the exclusive distributor in Mexico of Italian brand Malvestio and we commercialize hospital beds for intensive and intermediate care. CPM also offers hybrid, hydraulic and electric beds whose differentiating factor is price. We also create customized solutions that other international brands do not offer.

Q: What added value do your products offer to improve the competitiveness of your customers?

CE: Three years ago, CPM collaborated with CONACYT on a stimulus program for innovation and developed a hybrid-bed solution. If we consider that the average nurse in Mexico is short, the traditional bed represents a physical limitation when raising or lowering a bed. CPM devised a hybrid bed that uses a pneumatic piston to raise and lower the bed. The hybrid bed is now marketed in both the public and private sectors and has been a success for CPM. Innovation was only possible with the collaboration, knowledge and creativity of CPM, the engineers of UNAM and the support of CONACYT.

Q: In your promotional video for 2017, CPM touts its goal to internalize its brands. What markets do these projects point to?

GP: We have already started our internationalization project in the US. The US market has a wide variety of hospital beds but what we are going to offer are highly differentiated, tailormade products. For example, we will provide a customized hyperbaric bed to an American company. In this case, CPM will design a bed that is pressure-resistant and which no other provider has been able to offer. Our second project is the development of a customized bed for home care.