Continuous Investment in Technology Key to Success

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 10:36

The pharmaceutical market demands fast answers and solutions to the large and rapidly-evolving challenges in healthcare. Companies need more than quick response times, an excellent workforce, a well-organized supply chain and efficient communications systems across all areas of the organization, they also require up-to-date equipment to support their manufacturing goals.

The key to success in pharmaceutical manufacturing is to have the best critical systems, process equipment, quality laboratories, technical assistance and manufacturing areas to produce quality medications. Mavi Farmacéutica’s plants have enjoyed a consistent investment in machinery, technical and management services and qualified personnel to manage production and quality control. All these efforts have born fruit in a fast, efficient and optimized production line that can quickly respond to any production changes.

Mavi Farmacéutica has incorporated several systems into its production lines to streamline its processes and produce high-quality medications. This equipment includes:

• Tableting Machines Fette 1200i, high-performance machines for packing single-layer tablets that feature a manual turret clamping system. According to their manufacturer, they are ideal for small batches.

• Glatt FBE 250 R Fluid Bed Equipment, a simple and effective dryer that with the addition of spray nozzles permits extremely effective coating and is capable of pellet manufacturing.

• Ekato Unimix SRC 800, which provides fast, safe and economical mixing and homogenization. • BOSCH GKF 2500 and Macofar/Romaco CD 60, two flexible capsule filling machines.

• Vector GMX-400, a granulation mixing system for homogenous wet granulation of powders.

• Uhlmann B1240 and B1330 blister machines for packaging of solid and liquid products.

• CAM packaging machines that can be used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.


This equipment was incorporated to ensure that all manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes meet the highest quality standards until they reach the final customer. Mavi Farmacéutica maintains its high-quality standards in accordance with national and international regulations.