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COVID-19 Hits 50-54 Age Group Hardest: López-Gatell

By Ricardo Guzman | Sun, 05/10/2020 - 21:53

The Ministry of Health reported 112 new deaths from COVID-19 bringing the total to 3,646. Mexico now has 35,022 positive cases, 1,562 more than yesterday. A further 247 suspected deaths are still being assessed.

Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell explained at the Mother’s Day briefing in the National Palace that there are 8,457 active cases nationwide. He said the state of Colima is the only one that has less than 100 infections while Durango is the state that has reported the fewer cases in recent days.

López-Gatell said adults from 50 to 54 years old are the most affected segment of society so far, even with higher death rates than older adults from 60 to 69 years old.


As of Sunday, May 10

1,562     new cases (from yesterday)

35,022   confirmed cases nationwide

19,979   under investigation

3,465     deaths


Infrared thermometer by IPN

IPN developed a low-cost digital infrared thermometer to detect temperature in patients with COVID-19 or suspected cases. The objective is to avoid the shortage of these instruments in hospitals at times when demand has increased significantly. Developed at the request of the Mexico City government, the device measures a person's temperature in seconds and without making contact.


Monreal calls for agreement on rents

Senate Coordinator Ricardo Monreal proposed modifications to the Federal Civil Code so that tenants and landlords can agree on the exemption or reduction of rents in extraordinary situations, such as the current health crisis. The MORENAS legislator’s initiative indicates that such agreements would guarantee the best conditions for both parties involved.


PEMEX reports 80 deaths

PEMEX confirmed 679 cases and 80 deaths from COVID-19, of which 29 are reported in retirees, 27 of family members and 23 on base staff and outside workers. The average age of the 51 men and 29 women that have died is 65 years. PEMEX reported another 3,888 suspected cases under investigation.


Federal auction on May 17 announced

The Institute for the Return of Stolen Goods to the People (INDEP), will carry out another auction in the middle of Phase 3 of the health contingency. The office announced that on May 17 the third auction of 2020 will be held at the Los Pinos Cultural Complex.


25 percent awaiting test results

One in four people hospitalized for suspected COVID-19 infections are awaiting for test according to the federal government database. There are currently 5,243 patients who still don’t know if they are infected, 56 percent from the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico.


UNAM warns of vulnerability

The marginalized, distant and less populated municipalities are more vulnerable and will have greater complications to face the COVID-19 pandemic, UNAM Institute of Geography head Manuel Suárez said. According to the study Vulnerability Index in Mexico on COVID-19, despite marginalized communities having not yet registered infections so far, they are the most exposed in the days to come.

Ricardo Guzman Ricardo Guzman Editor