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Creating a Medical Community to Transform Education

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 04/20/2020 - 17:14

Q: What are the main benefits doctors get from joining 4Doctors?

A: Our platform allows quick and easy access to all our informational content, courses, webinars, clinical cases, expert recommendations and web publications. 4Doctors provides the opportunity to have all of that in one place, making it a tool for professional development. We offer two platforms: 4Doctors and 4Nurses.

There is a great deal of demand in Latin America for information related to aesthetic medicine and cardiology. We want our content to be recognized by every important medical institute in Mexico. This would give us the credibility to continue expanding and positioning both platforms in the country. All our content is produced and accredited in Spain by the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, but the objective is to regionalize our operations. Having local actors participating on this platform would mean a lot for our content, especially if it were accredited by the most important Mexican medical institutions.

Q: How can doctors access the platform?

A: Our model is based on personal subscriptions or scholarships. We offer scholarships through the pharmaceutical industry, which sponsors subscriptions for doctors and nurses. We are speaking with hospitals to create a specific scheme so that they can subscribe and pay as an institution. That would allow institutions to subscribe on behalf of their medical staff as an act of corporate social responsibility. Users can subscribe to a specialty, course or a master’s program.

Q: How has the Mexican market received your platforms?

A: We are getting to know the market, which is why we have incorporated Mexican staff to work with us to create local alliances that will help us position our platforms in the market. The pharmaceutical industry is particularly attractive in terms of alliances. Through my work with ANCAM, I noticed a need to create a technical glossary. Even though the content is in Spanish, some technical terms may be different in Spain than in Mexico, so we need a dictionary of terminologies to fully understand the content. Mexican medicine is highly advanced, so when we start adding content from Mexican doctors and institutions to the website, the terminologies tool will be very helpful for Spaniards, too.

Another particularity that we have detected is the lack of access to technology in Mexico. However, digitalization will force Mexico to change this. Online content consumption is growing every day and this will push the country to improve accessibility. Content like ours will open a window of opportunity for people who cannot easily access or move to other locations to get information, which will prove an advantage for education in rural communities. Healthcare is universal. This content is not a luxury but a necessity and a facilitator for doctors and nurses. Mexico asks its doctors to renew their certifications every five years, so they need to access the most recent content and information related to their specialty. Therefore, doctors working in rural areas of Mexico, who lack of access to congresses or events, need other ways to keep up with the latest trends.

Q: What are 4Doctors’ short-term goals?

A: We want the platform to be a tool that doctors can use in their daily clinical practice, which also pushes us to always upload content that makes the user want to open the platform first thing in the morning. We are already speaking with a news agency in Spain to generate a daily news summary, for example.

We also want to create a kind of Dropbox that allows the user to upload and share content to a selected database. We want 4Doctors to be a community with regional, reliable content offered by the most representative healthcare institutes in Mexico.


4Doctors is a system to share quality scientific information between medical professionals. It covers 15 specialties with content that has been produced by doctors of scientific prestige

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Journalist and Industry Analyst