Carlos López
View from the Top

Creating Peripheral Solutions to Expand Reach

Wed, 09/07/2016 - 16:20

Q: How has the company evolved in the Mexican market?

A: Medix changed its business focus in 2006 concentrating on the overweight and obesity fields. We are a pharmaceutical manufacturer and creating peripheral solutions that could help us expand our reach was part of our model. Our overweight and obesity crusade accounts for 15 percent of our sales. It looks to build link-up programs between companies and public institutions and to create health initiatives to fight the issue. We also imported a line of meal replacements from the US called Medifast.

Q: How has CIDEFARMA helped in terms of creating additional tools in the fight against obesity?

A: We created the Center for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (CIDEFARMA) to help the company stay ahead of the innovation curve. Even though Medix is  known as an integral drug provider, it also wants to service the industry through differentiated products. As such, every new product release must have an added benefit, which CIDEFARMA helps us develop. All in all, Medix’s biggest differentiator is its integral treatment model, which we are constantly improving and polishing through data gathering.

Q: What is Medix’s market share and how is brand recognition in the Mexican market?

A: We are the market leader in obesity and overweight pharmaceuticals. We hold 47 percent of Mexico’s market share, in addition to 50 percent Central America. The latter does not account for our most recent product releases in Argentina and Brazil, which will boost brand recognition in Latin America. We are constantly expanding our product