José Eric Delgado
Director General
View from the Top

Customized Solutions forr Mexico’s Logistics Challenges

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 14:21

Q: How is Sicamsa dealing with the challenges of logistics in the pharma and health industries in Mexico?

A: The main problem is the lack of logistics regulations for the transportation of laboratory samples and other types of materials. Shippers are often unaware of the logistical complexities involved and delivery companies can be blamed for any problems. We are facing these problems through internal rules and by training our staff. The samples we transport can be essential to a patient’s health so our mission is to deliver it in the right way and as quickly as possible.

Q: How do you cover the whole country and reach your clients in 24 hours with so many logistical obstacles?

A: We have contingency plans prepared for every situation. In many cases, we incur expenses that are not accounted for in the client’s budget and we bear the cost ourselves. This kind of service, along with our rapid response to unexpected issues, has generated a significant client loyalty. We also have a hangar in Nuevo Laredo with four jets and two pistol-engine planes, one of which is a cargo plane, and we are introducing a seventon aircraft for a new project in which we guarantee our clients zero loss of products.

Q: How do Sicamsa’s solutions make its clients’ operations more cost-effective?

A: Our main line of business is the transport of laboratory samples in Mexico. We offer personalized solutions for 24- hour delivery to IMSS and private companies and we also transport vaccines, corneal layers and tissue for transplant. Our main differentiators are our fast delivery times and the level of security we can offer. Sicamsa offers transportation of unlabeled drugs and hazardous material, which requires special documentation. We also transport veterinary material for small towns and municipalities.

Q: Given the range of services, to what extent do you incorporate client requests into your offering?

A: Due to our dedication to providing 24-hour delivery schedules, we must provide a custom-made operation for each client. This also means that if one of our clients cancels the order, we cannot charge the other more or decide not to go to this location at this time, as many other logistics companies that operate with consolidated purchases must do. We adapt our infrastructure to client needs but we need a commitment in return because a fleet of reserve vehicles can become expensive.