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Cutting-Edge Tech For Testing Machines Is Sysmex's Hallmark

Javier Gómez - Sysmex Diagnósticos México
Commercial Head


Jan Hogewoning By Jan Hogewoning | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 10/06/2020 - 18:08

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Q: Sysmex is known for its advanced technology for testing machines. How did the company achieve its leadership position in the market?

A: Sysmex is a Japanese company with more than 50 years of experience. It is present in more than 190 countries. We are the company’s local representation in Mexico. We are in charge of distribution while also looking for local alliances. Sysmex works with some distributors at a national level but also controls the operations in several countries in Central and South America. In Brazil, we have a subsidiary that in turn provides coverage to other countries; other subsidiaries are in Chile and in Colombia. Mexico was one of the last subsidiaries to register in the Americas region due to the delays in the procedures with COFEPRIS. The most important product line that we handle directly in the country is the urine analysis line, whose commercialization began at the end of 2018, although we have had offices here since 2014. 

After Brazil, Mexico is among the most important markets for Sysmex and we have gradually achieved greater market penetration. Furthermore, every year we add more products to our different lines. In addition to urinalysis, we launched the Alifax erythrocyte sedimentation line and later on, we launched Cellavision, which relates to in cell morphology. We will be introducing more products in the coming months.

Q: Why do Alifax machines provide a technological advantage?

A: Alifax is a commercial partner located in Italy. Sysmex distributes its instruments for erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) testing. It indirectly measures the degree of inflammation in the body. The main advantage over our competitors is that their test takes an hour to produce results, while ours takes only 20 seconds.

Q: In Mexico, you also offer equipment for studies of blood coagulation. What are these technologies and how do they make a difference in the industry?

A: Roche Diagnostics is our distributor of Sysmex Hematology Instruments in Latin America and holds one of the top positions in the field. Is worth to mention that in the US, Sysmex has an 80 percent market share as a direct distributor. and Siemens Healthineers is our distributor of Sysmex coagulation instruments in Latin America, with a leading position in this field. Among the keys to success and the main differentiator of Sysmex is flow cytometry (FCM) in hematology and urinalysis instruments. While competitors check each sample under a microscope and the analysis depends on the criteria of the laboratory technician, with Sysmex instruments, cells are counted using a laser, which provides an exact quantity of blood cells, morphology and other characteristics to avoid bias.

Q: What other products does Sysmex offer in the Mexican market and what are the main benefits your equipment brings to patients, doctors and hospitals?

A: In flow cytometry, we offer instruments for research, industry and clinical markets. FCM has applications in food microbiology in markets such as the beer, dairy and wine industries. It is a new technique in Latin America with many applications.

Sysmex offers additional parameters that help doctors make optimal decisions. For example, the urine test provides not only traditional parameters but also albumin-creatinine and protein-creatinine ratios that provide valuable information for patients with diabetes in case of kidney damage. In addition, this tool provides information about bacteria and helps doctors make treatment decisions. Moreover, our services cover not only the installation and training to use the equipment but also training for the distributor’s sales force, continuous education and international training for our business partners.

Q: Who are your primary clients in Mexico and what do they look for in their distributors?

A: Among our current clients are Certus laboratories, in the north of the country; Lapi, Núcleo de Diagnóstico and Petrolab in the center; and Laboratorios Biomédicos de Mérida, one of the most important labs in the southeast of Mexico. We have focused on creating alliances with the main laboratories of the country and our objective is to cover the most prestigious, which are those that are looking for quality in their products rather than at prices. 

Many laboratories are willing to become our customers and upgrade their technology. The current technology, although good and used for many years, requires that tests be reviewed under a microscope. Sysmex has changed this. We provide full automation of the laboratory through FCM. Currently, Sysmex is the only company worldwide offering FCM analysis in its hematology and urine equipment. Unlike all our competitors, we have modules and can offer our services to medium to large laboratories. One example is a laboratory in Colombia where the largest modules in the world are in operation.


Sysmex offers innovative technology for conducting diagnostic tests, including blood, urinalysis and flow cytometry. Based in Japan, it works through subsidiaries and regional distributors across the Americas

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