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Ximena Hernández - Novostrategia
Director General


Q: What opportunities did Novostrategia identify when it decided to focus on patient safety?
A: Novostrategia began as a consulting firm focused on helping hospitals acquire national and international certifications. We found areas of opportunity and many barriers in the certification process, which was seen by most directors as just another box to tick instead of the basis for quality. We also noticed a general lack of awareness among doctors, hospital administrators, patients and their families regarding patient safety and the areas this covers.
Our solutions are based on strategic links between companies in the healthcare sector to promote information exchange, which allows us to generate innovative ideas that prioritize patient safety. Patient safety is like a car’s seatbelt; its use is both the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer and the end user. We decided to bring together insurers, hospitals, pharmacies and other players in the healthcare sector to gather data on patient safety. We are also investing in innovation of healthcare systems through technology that humanizes patient care. Most technologies in the health sector are focused on diseases but improving processes is just as important.
Q: Some players in the healthcare sector are already compiling data on patient safety. What gives Novostrategia an edge?
A: A lack of publicly available information means users cannot compare hospitals and choose the one that is best suited to address their specific needs. While some hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies compile this information, they keep it private so it is not possible to use it to generate comprehensive public policies. Data is key to developing strategies that improve patient safety in hospitals and generate campaigns that increase awareness among the general public. Some players already have access to this information but have failed to use it for the benefit of the patient.  
Q: What main benefits does Novostrategia introduce to the healthcare sector?
A: Technology allows hospitals to promote a quality-centered culture that, to be effective, must be adopted by the top leadership and then trickled down to the entire workforce. Our solutions can be implemented by hospitals to improve their practices and by civil organizations focused on certain diseases to help hospitals provide better care. In hospital administration, we want to increase process efficiency through measurement and identification of problems using technology. Addressing overlooked issues related to hospital administration can improve quality and efficiency and also translate into savings. Gaps in services represent wasted resources that could be better spent in further innovation.  
Q: What strategies is Novostrategia developing to increase awareness of patient safety across the healthcare sector?
A: During 2019, we will focus on conducting workshops that address multiple areas related to patient safety and patient experience. Eventually, these will be incorporated into an online platform to achieve multidisciplinary education that is accessible to all. We are also creating partnerships with software developers and quality certifiers to continue raising awareness about patient safety and encouraging more companies to work with us. We have established partnerships with the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), with other initiatives of technological innovation and with The Patient Safety Company, which developed a risk notification system for hospitals. We hope to build more partnerships with software developers, pharmaceutical companies, distributors, medical societies and schools.
Throughout the year, we hope to become the first company in Mexico to work in people-centered care, linking patient safety and experience in developing projects at the local level. Our second objective is to position ourselves in Latin America to produce a virtual event that brings together all companies in the region that focus on patient safety, attention focused on people and the humanization of care, no matter how small they are.

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