Dec’s Powder Handling Leads to Compliance Success

By Miriam Bello | Thu, 06/09/2022 - 12:27

From the chemical sector to the pharmaceutical industry, Powder Transfer Systems guarantee compliance with the highest sanitary standards of raw material manipulation throughout the manufacturing processes of final products for both human use and consumption. To that end, Switzerland-based Dec offers innovative solutions worldwide for industries where powder processing is submitted under strict and controlled conditions.

From accurately transferring and dosing powder from milligrams to tons, grinding materials from microns to millimeters, or mastering high-mixing requirements, Dec provides trend-setting solutions for contained, sterile and safe manufacturing conditions to a number of industries, from chemicals and pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and those that apply special materials in areas such as battery manufacturing processes or in the nuclear industry.

As a specialist in powder handling, Dec’s registered technology, PTS Powder Transfer System®, provides innovative solutions for automated transfer, dosing and packaging of powders by means of vacuum and pressure. With its unique filtration concept, PTS is the only vacuum dense-phase system that functions at optimum levels when handling ultra-fine, sticky and adhesive powders.

Dec’s PTS technology enables active powder management for safe reactor loading and efficient powder handling. It is also considered a dust-free system that is easy to clean and safe when handling toxic, explosive or very low MIE dust. As such, it can also transfer large varieties of powders, from a few kilos to tons, while maintaining a containment level of <1 µg/m3.

This system can be used during any stage of production throughout the plant to handle raw materials, intermediates or final products. Moreover, powder can be transferred over long distances, allowing greater flexibility in plant design. This process simplifies powder handling logistics because raw materials can be kept on the ground floor and transferred directly to the equipment, meaning elevators are no longer necessary.

One of the major advantages of PTS technology is that it separates air from powder, keeping the receiving vessel inert during the charging operation. Therefore, it is possible to safely charge powder into a reactor that contains solvents or that is pressurized without the risk of explosions. Other notable benefits are its dust-free filling and discharging, packaging and dosing. In addition, there is neither product retention nor particle damage, it is easy to clean (CIP device) and it has a mobile unit available.

The Cleaning in Place (CIP) device allows for a complete cleaning of the powder line and PTS through a speed cleaning time of up to two minutes. It also has automatic drying of between 15 and 20 minutes with the possibility of sterilization. The system is fitted with a liquid separator component installed in the upper part of the PTS body. The liquid separator sucks liquids into the system and a float located in the main cover prevents the liquid from entering the vacuum line. The PTS body and the powder transfer hose are cleaned at the same time, which is a considerable advantage compared to using a spray nozzle.

Dec also offers the Mobile PTS, including all the features of the static system but with the additional benefit of being portable. The system can be dismantled and relocated anywhere in the production unit. The control panel and vacuum pump remain permanently mounted on the trolley while the PTS can be installed on the process equipment to be charged.

Application Examples

Dec’s PTS offers full processing flexibility, tailored to customer needs. At the core of Dec’s Powder Handling Excellence, the PTS encompasses a broad range of applications:

  • Standard and high containment filling and discharging

In combination with Dec’s Drum Containment System, the PTS provides a safe solution for filling or emptying big bags and drums.

  • Small quantity dosing

Accurate and repetitive volumetric dosing of small quantities of powder ranging from 1mg to 100g.

  • Single and multiple reactor charging

Safe and reliable vessel charging; the oxygen is removed from the powder before entering into the process.

  • Blending

PTS Batchmixer for fully contained homogeneous powder blending.

  • Filling and packaging facilities

Continuous Liner System for optimized GMP compliant packaging solutions enabling high containment levels (< 1μg/m3). In combination with the PTS and the Dosivalve, this system allows for any equipment discharging and precise dosing into drums/containers.

MC Jetmill

To correctly achieve powder system management, Dec supports its PTS with the MC Jetmill® system, Dec's fourth-generation jet mills, which have been re-designed from the ground up using "Smoothflow Jet Technology" to develop and build new micronizing equipment that can deal with the most difficult products, from sticky to hard and from brittle to soft, while minimizing blowback and product build-up, which includes the use of alternative materials.

This range is supplied in accordance with the cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines based on ISO 22716:2007. Dec’s jet mills can be fabricated with different materials depending on the physical properties of the product to be micronized (stickiness, hardness, Mohs scale > 6, etc.)

The MC Jetmill micronization allows for a Narrow Particle Size Distribution (PSD), has simple and rapid assembly/disassembly, a limited number of components and high yields with a low energy consumption and sterile manufacturing.

To improve ergonomics and flexibility, the DEC MC Jetmill® series can be operated both vertically and horizontally with full SIP and CIP options for sterile production. It also has green credentials as it has an optimized gas flow, providing less gas consumption compared to current systems. It can be supplied contained for HPAPIs or non-contained for non-toxic products.



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Company Profile: Founded in 1987, Dec is a Swiss based leading global provider of powder handling and process containment systems to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries.

Dec products offer a high level of safety for both operator and product. Their advanced system concepts, from the standard powder transfer system to highly complex integrated handling and processing equipment, allow clients to increase productivity while respecting current legal requirements. In the past two years, Dec Group has carried out a significant expansion of its activities with the acquisition of plants. The company today is made up of four large divisions: Powder Handling, Particle Sizing, Filling Solutions, and Containment Solutions.

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