Developing a COVID-19 Diagnosis Test – Biomérieux
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Developing a COVID-19 Diagnosis Test – Biomérieux

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By Mónica López | Graphic Designer - Tue, 02/16/2021 - 14:27

You can read our editorial coverage of this presentation here.

Among the most common medical errors today are hospital infections, mistakes while filling a prescription and late or erroneous diagnoses, said Héctor Barillas, Director General of bioMérieux, on Day 2 of Mexico Health Summit. During his presentation, he noted that up to 70 percent of medical decisions are based on diagnostics tests and due to technological advances, now diagnostics is evolving extremely fast. Among recent solutions is the molecular syndromic diagnosis test developed by Biomérieux, “which allows us to quickly find out which pathogen is responsible for the disease we are dealing with,” Barillas explained.

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