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Digital Events Smooth the Path to Medical Certifications

By Miriam Bello | Tue, 08/24/2021 - 17:30

Q: How does Med Congress offer continuous medical education through its online platform?

A: Med Congress was born in 2017 after we recognized the natural limitations of in-person learning, such as the impossibility to attend simultaneous conferences or to go back and double check what was learned. Physical medical congresses are also held on a mass scale, which causes several bottlenecks, such as during registration.

Med Congress allows for continuous medical education through a platform that hosts and records these congresses. This offers medical professionals several benefits and supports the logistics team behind the event. By digitalizing the event, it becomes easier for organizers to coordinate it and to charge directly from the platform. Organizers also eliminate tedious registry processes and accelerate the delivery of participation certificates, which is automatically saved on the attendee’s profile in Med Congress.

Q: How do doctors benefit from using Med Congress?

A: Mexico has 300,000 active doctors and nearly 147,000 of these are specialists, from those, only 53 percent had a valid certification in 2018. All doctors working in Mexico must have an updated certification on their specialty, which can be obtained through exams or by attending medical congresses. The reason might be a lack of time, as many doctors have two or three jobs that leave then no time to travel to a congress. Money can be another problem, as in-person congresses require plane tickets and hotel stays, plus the congress fee.

Med Congress is a fully digital platform where the user will find recorded conferences and presentations. Through a personalized profile, medical professionals register their interaction on the platform and it records the time they spent on each conference. Doctors also have access to all the conferences related to the event because these are saved on their profiles immediately after they finish.

Med Congress’ added value is also the cost of its service, which is at least 40 percent less expensive than an in-person congress. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of attendees. Thus, the added value of Med Congress is that it takes the congress to the person, instead of the person traveling to the congress.

Q: How does Med Congress curate events for your audience in an era overcrowded with online events?

A: Clients, such as organizations, usually approach us with their event idea but we also reach out to medical associations that host yearly congresses to certify their specialists. Based on their ideas, we formulate a strategy, determine costs and train the speakers to properly use the platform.

One of my goals is to have all medical congresses in Mexico on Med Congress to truly achieve a continuous education for doctors. Understanding the reality of Mexico, we are already working on making events available for free and charging only those who want a certificate of participation. We also have an international reach, with speakers from around the world.

Q: How is your alliance with HealthX supporting your growth?

A: This alliance is based on empathy among entrepreneurs, as our journey is especially difficult. Every company in the group understands what is needed to really make your ideas happen. This alliance is a circle of friends that provides accompaniment and has propelled our reach. It also provides moral support for all of us and an opportunity to learn from each other and generate more networking opportunities.

Just as other members of HealthX add value to Med Congress, we add value to them. We are looking forward to having their events on the platform as they have significant potential.

Q: How is online or hybrid education changing the learning process for the medical community?

A: Professionals must become more self-educated, which is a practice that lags in Mexico. Digitalization requires students to take a personal interest and to commit to their educational options. Now more than ever, medical education needs to go hand in hand with practice. With the number of doctors learning online, the need for practical education is fundamental to complement their knowledge to achieve a complete education.


Med Congress is a technology company committed to making medical education more flexible, comfortable and accessible for every doctor, while providing an engaging, effective and compelling learning experience.

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