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A Digital, Evidence-Based Community for Health Professionals

By Miriam Bello | Tue, 08/09/2022 - 11:47

Q: Why was it important for Docred to create a digital community for doctors to access scientific information?

A: Our platform is exclusive to general physicians and specialists. At Docred, healthcare professionals can access a range of different digital content independent from institutions or done by Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). The platform offers evidence-based medical information from all over the world, in Spanish bite-sized, which can be accessed in a single platform. In addition, we offer doctors content, courses or general information beyond evidence-based to help them as human beings. For instance, mindfulness made for doctors, how to deal with the burnt-out effect and more.

The goal is to put doctors at the center and then entities, startups, medical associations, pharma or medical device companies can approach our community on a real professional way where the doctor, is the one who chooses what to consume. We help them through AI as well. By doing this we are having what can be called a doctor-centricity approach rather than what happens today where everyone wants to get doctors on their side, but no one is thinking about the doctor; a sort of an egocentric approach.

Q: What are the unique benefits that Docred’s platform offers to doctors? How does the company verify that the information provided to the user is based on evidence?

A: Our platform offers access to a digital community with scientific information that prioritizes communication among professionals in Latin America with KOL and access to medical events from the region. In addition to the well-developed medical content we are able to produce.

Our editorial team is composed of methodologists, physicians, specialists and a board of experts that analyzes all information and the content published to ensure they contain fact-based information supported by three to five primary sources from our extensive database.

The way we, as digital users, consume information has changed significantly. Same effect with doctors, being the gatekeeper of patients, which is why we have a team that creates content using the latest solutions on video and graphic data to quickly provide users with the most important information on a subject. Considering how fast the field updates and how little free time doctors have to read scientific articles, Docred appears to help doctors to curate information and allows them to access the primary source of information.

We ask for credentials during the registration process to verify that all users have a medical degree, which also gives doctors the certainty that all discussions, comments and opinions shared on the platform will come from those with a medical background.

Q: How does Docred ensure the profitability of its business model while offering free services?

A: The platform is free to use and includes other services for doctors and health professionals also free of charge. Sponsorships is the main source of income; then content creation and we help KOL to disseminate their knowledge through a course platform Docred also offers scholarships for diplomas and certificates supported by the same companies that endorse our webpage. 

Q: How is the platform being positioned in Mexico?

A: We have operated in Mexico for some time and we have worked with very reputable medical institutions. We are attracting new users, opinion leaders, experts and academics who have researched these fields or are highly knowledgeable. Our goal is to generate a complete platform where their voice can impact today’s health sector.

From the doctor’s point of view, medical and clinical practice involves patient care, administrative management and medical updates on the field. The platform focuses on this last area but always thinking that this one will help to enhance and optimize the other two areas. We provide a highly efficient tool that allows doctors to access all the most innovative information in one place.

Q: How important are alliances and partnerships for Docred?

A: We want to work hand in hand with Mexican institutions to show that we can be an ally and that we can help them disseminate their information, knowledge and innovation to a wide doctors’ community. We are eager to continue strengthening ties with medical institutions, associations and medical centers because we believe that we have a tool that allows them to have a connection with what is happening around the world.


Docred is a community of doctors to share evidence-based medical information in Spanish for free. It aims to be the medical community in Spanish that generates the greatest contribution to health.

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst