Digitalized Company Delivers Effective Insurance Plans
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Digitalized Company Delivers Effective Insurance Plans

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Salvador Arceo - Plan Seguro
Director General
Juan Pablo González - Plan Seguro


Q: How successful is your preventive healthcare approach in improving user outcomes?

SA: The model has been a total success because all of our plans are specifically targeted to provide users with easy access to health, while bringing them closer to preventive healthcare opportunities and encouraging them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We offer both basic and more complex, complete plans. Our flexibility and variety allow users to choose the policy that best meets their needs, without having to pay for extra services that are not going to be required. Plan Seguro also offers traditional coverage, including major medical expenses given the demand for these products. 

Q: How do you measure the impact of your products on people’s lives?

SA: We track this through the use of our policies. Through providers, we can also measure the impact of our plans and follow up on patients. We invite users to make the most out of their plans but we cannot track their health. So, through providers and the use of facilities, we measure how our policies benefit patients.

Regarding preventive healthcare, we offer checkups and cover certain elements that will contribute to the patient’s well-being. We also provide recommendations from health professionals to guide the patient and offer better prices for certain additional services. Furthermore, we have the flexibility to let users choose their own professionals working through a refund scheme.

Q: How has technology changed Plan Seguro’s operations and products?

SA: Plan Seguro’s digital transformation began years ago. Looking ahead gave us an advantage to face the challenges that emerged with COVID-19. While the whole world had to accelerate its digital transformation, we had already adopted the technology. The more we dabble into digital tools, the more efficient the company gets.

For over a year, we have worked on creating more personalized plans, which we have now launched. We offer four plans that can be customized according to the user’s needs. A digital tool is available to the broker to sell the plan.

JG: Four years ago, the company started to digitalize its process to have a robust system that would allow constant product innovation. We had to digitalize the foundations of the company: policy administration and claim management. Once this was done, we could start transforming our service offer and practices. To date, more than half of our new policies are offered digitally. Moreover, we moved to digital paperwork 24 hours after the COVID-19 contingency began to ensure a safe service and to fully work digitally. Any user can now request a quote for their ideal policy digitally. This ensures functionality for our users and our own employees. 

Furthermore, Plan Seguro offers an app that allows users to follow up on their benefits and explore our network of hospitals and doctors. This helps them make the most of their plan. Technology is the basis for our growth.

Q: What other measures should be implemented to increase insurance penetration in Mexico?

SA: It is the industry’s task to offer creative policies and health coverage plans. With a wider offer, people would find a solution that fits them best and really be able to pay for something they will use. I think that education should be highly encouraged and the authorities should take action to promote the importance of health and its prevention. Today, people prefer to insure their car rather than themselves.

Q: How did Plan Seguro react to the COVID-19 outbreak?

SA: All our plans include COVID-19 coverage. Additionally, we launched a new product specifically for COVID-19 called Esencial Forte, that covers the disease since first day that one gets this health plan. The plan offers general information and a phone line for health consultancy or the option to have virtual medical attention form specialist doctors. We have tried to keep in touch with our users through digital tools, providing them with preventive COVID-19 information through our web site or social media. 

JG: Although Esencial Forte was launched more focused on COVID-19, all our plans cover it. We are certain that with our digital options, our policies will generate more demand. After COVID-19, the number of people with healthcare insurance is likely to increase and Plan Seguro offers the best options.

Q: What are Plan Seguro’s short-term goals?

SA: The market is highly competitive, so formulating the best products is always a priority. We continuously strive to offer more integral plans that are focused on promoting well-being and not just health recovery.

JG: We hope to have more efficient decision-making within the company. Digitalization has allowed instant access to information and updates to offer more operational certainty. We want to be differentiated by our offer and our service. In the past, releasing a policy would take up 15 days. Now, with all our innovative tools, we are able to have it within five minutes.


Plan Seguro is an insurance company specialized in health plans. It has 23 years of experience and a network of more than 4,500 doctors, more than 500 health providers , and 20 commercial offices.

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