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Fármacos Proasse
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Dual Capabilities Help Carve Market Niche

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 15:41

Q: What niche does Fármacos Proasse occupy in the pharmaceutical market, both as a pharmacy and as a distributor?

A: Fármacos Proasse is a family business created more than 20 years ago. We distribute all kinds of medications, from those for the most common diseases to highly specialized medicines. We have three pharmacies in Monterrey and provide storage and distribution for medications that our partners introduce into Mexico. We work directly with many laboratories to distribute their products to the private sector, including insurers, hospitals, pharmacies and other distributors. Our mission is not to distribute medication, but to provide a service. We have two offices in Monterrey and Guadalajara from where we can deliver to all of Mexico through partnerships with the main logistics operators.

Q: What are the main advantages companies obtain by allying with Fármacos Proasse?

A: One of our main advantages is our flexibility, which allows us to cover our client’s needs in a more customized way. Larger distributors are often inflexible with credit limits, payment dates and delivery times. At Fármacos Proasse we work 24/7 and deliver even during Christmas. For instance, we supply a coagulant that may be required during surgery to stop the loss of blood. If a doctor needs it at 3 am, the hospital can contact us and we will deliver the product in 60 minutes.

Q: What trends is Fármacos Proasse seeing in the Mexican market?

A: Mexico’s population pyramid is gradually changing, with a growing number of older people who will require specialized attention. We keep up-to-date on new drug releases that may be of interest to our doctors and we are in direct contact with healthcare providers to track drug trends. So far, we have perceived significant growth in biotechnological medicines and believe that as time goes by, medicine will become increasingly personalized. Another market area that has grown significantly in the last years is generics, which are making many treatments more affordable.

Q: How does Fármacos Proasse ensure the safety of the medications it delivers?

A: Medicine manufacturers continuously train us on strategies and technologies to keep products under the cold chain and to ensure that products never leave certain temperature ranges. We also have agreements with our distributors to ensure that they handle our products with the care that medications require. Most logistic companies have a specialized department for the management of medication and often prioritize medication deliveries to minimize the transit times.

Q: How do you monitor the market to ensure you have the necessary products in stock?

A: We have close relationships with the procurement departments at hospitals and insurance companies and with pharmacy doctors. Doctors and insurers like to communicate their needs to ensure that patients will not have problems filling their prescriptions, which is a common problem with highly specialized medicines.

In the case of insurance companies, they get the information directly from patients and pass the request to us. We are working with four insurance companies: Seguros GNP, Seguros Atlas, Sisnova and Chubb Seguros Mexico and we continue looking for new partners in this sector.

Q: What are the next steps in your business plans?

A: We plan to continue consolidating our position among insurers and opening more pharmacies in Monterrey. We also plan to diversify our client base. At this point, we have three points of sale and a distribution center in Monterrey. We are also analyzing other cities in Mexico for opening branches, such as Mexico City, Saltillo, Torreon, Mexicali, Tijuana and Merida.