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E-Commerce Pharmacy a Customer Experience

By Miriam Bello | Wed, 05/13/2020 - 11:46

Q: What has been the focus of your rebranding effort?

A: We rebranded the company last November to improve the perception of our brand and align it with our philosophy but our core remains the same. The strongest segment for medimonth is the geriatrics segment, it has been for the two years we have been in the market. As a result, we have dedicated our efforts to consolidating this niche. One of our differentiators is our excellent customer service. We have found that in geriatrics care, there is lack a personalized approach. Our experience demonstrates that individual attention is the best way to approach this complex group.

We have a new platform coming out as part of our rebranding process which was build to approach a different, more diverse group of clients. With our first model, we were targeting seniors from 60 years old and above. The new platform will allow us to attract individuals with chronic conditions who are as young as 30 years old.

Q: How has medimonth used or would like to use the database generated by users of the platform?

A: The data we generate has a lot of potential to drive personalized services, at this point we make use of it solely for internal matters, like assessing demand and establishing prices. We know that this data is delicate, it is a big responsibility. While it might be attractive for others to analyze because the results can generate valuable findings, our clients trust us to manage their information and we would not feel comfortable sharing it for other ends.  

Q: How do you cope with logistics and what are the challenges of the distribution process?

A: Distribution has not been a challenge for us because we work with a variety of companies that are dedicated to that area. The challenge is in ensuring the quality of the products when they are delivered to the client’s home. When clients make an order, their expectations are based on the quality of the platform and the attention they receive., the challenge of logistics is fulfilling this expectation all the way to their doorstep and beyond.

Q: How have your loyalty rates increased?

A: We make a constant effort to increase loyalty. The new platform, will grow loyalty and trust because we structured it to make it very easy for us to listen to our customers. When using an online platform, what matter the most for clients are results, from how they want to pay to what time their products arrive. Without being able to listen and therefore understand, fulfill customers’ needs becomes an impossible task.

Our final goal is not to have a high flow of nonrecurrent clients; we are interested in life-long clients. medimonth is a successful pharmacy because of its reliability, providing clients tranquility regarding their medicine supply.

Q: How important is software development to the platform experience?

A: We are a technology company so we understand the traditional e-commerce market. Traditional e-commerce is similar to purchasing from a catalog. Our goal is to make this process an experience.

Our software development team understands the user experience we are looking for and our work with them has been our most valuable accomplishment. Our ability to develop cutting edge software has the potential to make us competitive against other brands like Amazon or Google. The new medimonth platform feels like a home where the client can find the right medicine and treatments. We want to keep it this way.

Q: What are your growth expectations for medimonth?

A: We are very aware of how quickly technology develops and changes. Because technology is our main tool, the goal is to stay up to date and adapt those advances we think will best suit the platform and our clients. Continuous development of technology is important for all platforms and this is something we do not really see in Mexico, but it will be a game changer for our society and the services we use and offer. Right now, we are present only in Mexico City, but e-commerce makes it easy to expand and we are looking forward to reaching those cities that are comfortable with technology.

Lastly, as an e-pharmacy, we have seen a steep rise in demand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales have increased and we hope that this demand will lead to recurrent client flow. I think this change in purchasing preferences will become a new way of doing things for many people who had not ventured into online shopping before.



medimonth is a pharmacy startup with a subscription-based system that automatically monitors and delivers medications to chronically ill patients on a monthly basis

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