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Effective Communication Provides Real-Time Insight

By Miriam Bello | Thu, 09/30/2021 - 11:09

Q: What makes Within3 a smart solution for virtual engagement and why do stakeholders need it to ensure better treatment development?

A: Most pharmaceutical companies meet in person to engage with key stakeholders but travel restrictions imposed during the pandemic led companies to turn to virtual alternatives to interact with their client base. The pandemic also accelerated the use of virtual platforms for internal engagement. COVID-19 made the industry adopt in 24 months what in other circumstances would have taken five to seven years. Thanks to this greater experience with virtual engagement technologies, businesses have recognized that technology adoption is no longer an innovation but a necessity for business continuity.

Pharmaceutical and medical devices companies have also embraced virtual engagement technologies when engaging physicians and patients. These actors are spread throughout the country and travel is now difficult, and even dangerous. In urban settings, virtual engagement has been welcomed because of the heavy burden of commuting. Other areas have limited access to good internet connectivity so our software also works via browser.

Q: How does Within3 help its clients make fast, agile decisions using insights from key opinion leaders?

A: We have access to a robust set of data in Mexico and many other countries, which we use to help companies understand how to engage a community. It is all about understanding population needs. Within3’s platform does that with extraordinarily high participation and information. We also help companies organize that information into insights. Instead of delivering a long transcript from a Zoom meeting, we give them an insight with all information explained that saves them weeks. Our insights allow us to analyze interactions in the sector to paint a picture of the most active players on certain topics. We give life science companies a picture of who they might want to interact with.

Q: What is the role of Within3 in generating savings in medicine or product developments?

A: Pharmaceuticals spend billions of dollars to bring drugs to the market. These costs come from a massive communication problem because there are numerous stakeholders involved at every step of the process, from scientists to economists. Within3 helps companies speed up communication so information is gathered and understood faster, which allows companies to accelerate processes down the line.

Q: How does Within3 protect its platform from cyberattacks?

A: Our clients trust us with their data so we have a responsibility to protect it. Within3’s security department is constantly analyzing and auditing our processes. We invest significantly to make sure that we are strengthening our systems as much as possible. Many clients conduct their own penetration studies at Within3 to assess our environment before they start working with us. Maintaining a safe and clean environment for our clients around the world is a priority.

Historically, Within3 centered on getting physicians’ online to share information with each other and with their pharmaceutical or medical device sponsors. We have a new product for the analysis of breast cancer communities to help clients understand what is happening with these patients and to get a better sense of how to answer larger questions, such as where their company locate clinical trial sites.

We are also implementing products that will allow clients to understand and analyze all the insights in real time using advanced AI and natural language processing, which will allow us to provide them information that often takes months to analyze.


Within3 is a leading software communications platform for life sciences and healthcare organizations that allows organizations to engage with physicians, nurses, payers and patients.

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Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Journalist and Industry Analyst