Guillermo Ferrari
General Manager
View from the Top

Electronic eSIGHT Glasses Arrive in Mexico

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 13:40

Q: What prompted Thriven to introduce eSight electronic glasses for the visually impaired to Mexico?

A: We arrived in Mexico at the beginning of 2018 with the license to distribute eSight electronic glasses. When we arrived we already had a list of 300 clients with low vision waiting to try them. Thriven is responding to a demand in Mexico for technological products that help with vision loss resulting from life habits, congenital pathologies or diseases such as Stargardt’s Disease, diabetic retinopathy and hypertension.

Q: What makes eSight glasses indispensable to people who have low vision?

A: eSight electronic glasses are a Canadian technology breakthrough for low vision patients. The lenses are equipped with a high-speed and high-definition camera that captures everything the user sees and displays it in two OLED screens placed in front of the user’s eyes. The images are displayed in a way that some low vision users can gain sharpness in their otherwise blurry vision. This enables them to see familiar faces and objects with clarity and in some cases being able to read again, thus allowing them to regain a more autonomous and fulfilling everyday life. Q: How can the general population access eSight glasses?

A: The product comes with a price tag of US$12,760, which is a cost barrier for many people. We are approaching institutions that have contact with patients who need our glasses and government entities interested in financing our product. We expect the product will be attractive for the health sector given the benefits it offers.

Q: What are Thriven’s plans for the company in Mexico going forward?

A: We want to grow our customer base to bring the technology closer to the patients who need it by providing financial accessibility