Fernando Núñez
Director General
Grupo Body Systems
View from the Top

Employee Wellness Drives Profitability and Production

Tue, 09/06/2016 - 14:31

Q: With over 12 years of experience in the wellness sector, what were the market opportunities that led to the creation of Body Systems?

A: Grupo Body Systems includes four companies. We started by targeting clubs and gyms and offering high quality group fitness classes. Back then, this segment offered huge opportunities as few companies offered specialized classes like ours. Five years later, our CEO envisioned the opportunity of spreading into corporate wellness. As such, he was summoned to be a founding member in the Wellness Council board, which allowed him to better assess the available market opportunities.

By focusing on corporate wellness we realized that companies were saving large amounts of money by minimizing work absenteeism, attendance and personnel rotation. Therefore, insurance costs dropped significantly as primes were lower than the average. Our Group Fitness model offered different classes to companies with the right infrastructure, such as fitness centers or gymnasiums. So far, we provide an estimated 800 worth of weekly instruction hours. Back in 2014, the company widened its services by devising an integral human development model that covered each part of an employee's life. For instance, we have instructors that activate employees at different times during the day, which has paid off through productivity increments.

Generating our own data is probably our biggest area of opportunity. Data belongs to our clients and employees. However, we are finding ways to use this information and consequently improve our programs. The company has realized that results are not only trackable in the long term but in the short term as well. Institutions implement measurements based on the expected ROI, coupled with their inherent interest in providing employees with added benefits and compensation.

Q: How do you approach companies and how do you differentiate from other businesses?

A: Our approach led us to target transnational companies first, which is Grupo Body System’s strong suit. Among them were companies such as Seguros Monterrey, New York Life, KPMG, CMR, Pepsi Co., all of which have an assigned budget for this type of corporate program. We seized the opportunities the market had to offer. Every company has a budget allocation for training courses, which is the approach we are taking through stress management, meditation, nutrition or mindfulness courses. There is a newfound interest for services like ours helping us significantly expand our operations. Our prospect client pipeline is quite robust.

Grupo Body Systems is part of the American Chamber of Commerce, which has further strengthened our capabilities. Growing at the same pace as the market is an important challenge. The quality of our corporate service far exceeds our competition, making us segment leaders. Our operational program allows us to train and retain instructors much more efficiently while offering better remuneration for their services. Through systemic surveys we have realized that the quality of our courses is far greater than our competition. Grupo Body Systems is working on attaining international certifications, further advancing its institutional accreditation.

Q: What benefits can a company receive by hiring your Integral Human Development Program?

A: We diagnose a company’s operations further offering a service that fits their specific requirements. The Wellness 360 program offers an integral solution to an institution’s problems covering nutritional, physical and mental aspects of its human labor. Being sedentary is one of the biggest problems the market is facing. This type of behavior can produce hypertension, diabetes and other conditions.

Q: What are the key objectives you want to fulfill by the end of the year?

A: Grupo Body Systems has a growth expectation of over 40 percent, which the company is on track with. With time our clients are requesting more and better paid services, which impacts our profitability. The market opportunities will continue to grow.