Roberto Esses
Country Manager
Gympass Mexico
View from the Top

Enhanced Wellness Can Begin in the Workplace

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 12:31

Q: What are the main advantages gyms get from allying with Gympass?
A: Gympass is the best way to attract corporate users. We understand companies have many needs and nuances, which makes closing deals with them difficult for individual gym owners or managers. That is why we have a dedicated team focused on this, while our partner gyms and studios focus on providing their best service and retaining their new users. We are able to create a win-win partnership because companies invest in the Gympass program while we provide a large influx of new corporate members who benefit from attractive prices. Therefore, our fitness partners benefit from more users and increased revenue through expanded corporate penetration. Approximately 1.4 billion people worldwide, equivalent to 28 percent of the population, are inactive and we are focused on these people. According to an internal study, 67 percent of Gympassers in Mexico were not members of any gyms or studios before enrolling in one of our plans, which means we increased the size of the market as a whole.
Q: How is Gympass increasing awareness of the importance of fitness among its corporate users?
A: According to WHO, physical inactivity is the fourth-leading risk factor for mortality. In 2018, it launched the Global Action Plan on Physical Activity (GAPPA), a plan to help countries scale up policy actions to promote physical activity. Gympass was invited to join one of these multisectoral workstreams. This group has held a few meetings already and will meet again in 2H19. The objective is to discuss how we can help increase levels of physical activity globally. Everyone knows exercising is good but almost no one does it. Why? We have learned that it is because there are several emotional and physical barriers that make it hard for people to become active.
Q: How will Gympass’ recently raised US$300 million in funding influence the company’s expansion plans?
A: This funding will bring expanded benefits to global clients, users and fitness partners across our three-sided marketplace through companies, gym partners, technology, people and expansion. We want to double down our approach as a B2B benefit, helping our clients to revolutionize how inactive employees engage in physical activity, driving lasting behavioral change. We will continue to offer universal access for all employees across client corporations to engage in a physical activity program that drives employee engagement, improves individual performance, attracts the best talent and enables business success.
We also want to identify continuous opportunities with gyms and new partners to accelerate the fitness industry’s growth, resulting in new active users for our global fitness partners. When it comes to technology, we want to make major enhancements to our product and technology for a more personalized user experience, making it easy and motivational for employees to become active. We are also improving customer experience by enhancing our portals, dashboards and user insights. Gympass will also invest in new initiatives to attract new talent, as well as retain the highest quality people within our team. Lastly, this investment will fuel our expansion into new geographic locations on the Gympass roadmap.
Q: How can a healthcare model that fosters prevention benefit Mexicans?
A: ‘Prevention is better than a cure’ is a well-known saying. The truth is that preventing diseases is healthier, and much cheaper, than curing them later. We have already noticed this among some of our clients who affirm that there needs to be a holistic approach to well-being, integrating mental, emotional and physical health. We decided to focus on corporations because we believe companies are in a unique position to foster prevention by encouraging a more active lifestyle. Companies have massive reach, influence and credibility with their employees and they can also create a social context in which good experiences are shared within the company.