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Ensuring Traceability Without Compromising the Product: Zebra

By Miriam Bello | Tue, 07/14/2020 - 12:34

Q: Why are Zebra Technologies’ solutions the best for the healthcare industry?

A: Zebra offers a variety of solutions and products for different stages of healthcare. We work with hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical laboratories and clinical laboratories, from raw material processing to product delivery to the end consumer. Our solutions in the pharmaceutical market cover raw materials supply, processing, packaging and shipment to the warehouse. We also offer tracking services throughout the entire processing and distribution stages.

We work with the most recognized laboratories to track boxes and pallets in warehouses and shipments from laboratories to wholesalers. Our work with wholesalers, on the other hand, is based on logistics, classification and sorting of products. Zebra also offers mobile computing solutions to help wholesalers deliver their products to pharmacies. As for pharmacies, we also offer them mobile computing solutions for when they distribute to the general public. We also have a wide portfolio of scanner solutions to track supplies. The added value we offer to mobile computing is the security shield we provide with our operating systems to guard the information generated by our clients.

Zebra is also present in hospitals, where we offer identification bracelets for patients to ensure a controlled supply of medicine. There are frequent mistakes in hospitals regarding prescriptions, from wrong doses to adherence to treatment. The use of technology can provide solutions to reduce these incidences. We offer a similar solution to laboratories for tagging samples. When these are sent for analysis, our labels offer tracking, providing information regarding location, programmed date of return and the temperature needed to keep the sample safe. We also offer identification through radio frequency for high-value medical equipment. This solution allows us to track the assets owned by a medical facility.

We provide training in the use of our products to ensure productivity and the correct use of the tools. It is important to mention that all our devices have an auto diagnostic system that determines the state of its components. We also have an agreement with Google to support clients. This agreement guarantees at least two updates to our software to include security patches as our system evolves.

Q: How does Zebra contribute to quality and access to healthcare services in Mexico?

A: Technology helps us to minimize human error and to provide the right services for the patient’s needs. As an example, even the best hospitals take the longest time to generate a bill, mainly because of the delays in gathering information from all areas regarding different procedures. Hospitals do not normally enter data regarding procedures right away, which can be easily corrected with the use of technology.

Zebra actively participates in supply chain processes, delivery from wholesalers to final consumers and patient control during hospital stays. Contributing to greater efficiency in these processes, Zebra ensures the proper functioning of the different parts of the healthcare industry, which overall translates into a better service for the patient.

Q: How does Zebra promote investment in innovative technologies?

A: We attend technology events where we demonstrate our services and innovations. I see a lot of potential in the Mexican market as demand for new solutions will grow. However, regulatory measures and government mandates are necessary to ensure that Mexico properly improves its general healthcare practices. Right now, the country is only demanding basic management systems, which cannot compare to the standards of international healthcare systems.

Q: What are Zebra’s growth expectations for the near term?

A: Our goal is to achieve double-digit growth by the end of 2022, with a focus on the healthcare sector.  While coverage can improve, medical attention standards in Mexico are competitive. That being said, we hope to see government action to improve the overall state of the sector to provide patients the most effective solution for their situation. Technology and technological advances can change the patient experience. From the service provider’s side, technology takes our solutions and work to a level that is beneficial in terms of productivity and costs. We need to realize that zero mistakes is the goal, no matter the service.


Zebra Technologies is a company that manufactures and sells marking, tracking and digital printing technologies. Its portfolio includes thermal barcode labeling and receipt printers, personal identification and specialty printing used in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare and public sectors

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