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Entering the Liquid Measurements Market in Pharma

By Miriam Bello | Fri, 10/23/2020 - 13:03

Q: How have your services for the life sciences sector grown in Mexico?

A: The Mexican market is important for us and offers significant growth potential. Local requirements and export activities to developed countries, together with the need to comply with international regulations, have benefited us and made this, one of the most attractive markets in the region.

Even though Vaisala is actively present in many different sectors, a big part of our business comes from the life sciences sector, which helps us consolidate a variety of specialized areas. Since we launched our office in Mexico two and a half years ago, we have grown our capabilities with high-profile engineers. We continuously invest in their development, focusing both on the different applications and solutions of the sector, as well as on what makes us different regarding our technology. Our specialized partner network is another asset that has been instrumental to assure a much wider coverage and support in the main health clusters. We also signed a service partnership agreement a year ago with Sicamet, a well-known accredited laboratory. Through this agreement, we offer calibration services locally and after sales support. Finally, I am pleased to share the latest acquisition of Vaisala in the industrial measurements area, K Patent, market leader in in-line process refractometers for industrial applications. This acquisition enables us to accelerate growth by entering the liquid measurements market in different sectors including the pharmaceutical industry.

Q: Which of your solutions has been the most successful in the country?

A: Many of our products and solutions have been designed for life science applications. Because of their accuracy and reliability, our products fit perfectly and are highly demanded in this strictly regulated sector. Without a doubt, our unique humidity technology makes us a reference in the industry. Our revolutionary continuous monitoring systems for clean rooms, laboratories and warehouse applications are another winning solution. Our portable instruments are also indispensable for many laboratories and service providers.

Q: How has your R&D area contributed to the company’s growth and development?

A: Technological innovation is in our DNA and it is our main differentiator. We invest more than 13 percent of our revenue in R&D and more than 20 percent of our workforce are engineers and researchers focused on improving our technology and products: Carbocap, Humicap, Barocap, Drycap and others currently in development. We remain curious, constantly looking for new applications and parameters.

Q: What recent technology or innovation has impacted the life sciences market the most?

A: Connectivity is the major trend shaping our market and the whole healthcare industry. Our viewLinc continuous monitoring system was designed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and GxP-regulated environments. The system provides real-time monitoring, remote alarming and Part 11/Annex 11 compliance reporting. This new and recently launched Vaisala Indigo family takes industrial measurement to a new level. Interchangeable probes, smart transmitters and Indigo Insight PC software can help the client streamline their processes to make more informed and timely decisions.

Q: What allows Vaisala to deliver the most reliable measurements? 

A: Vaisala’s role is to properly measure and monitor. Our goal is to make sure that the information generated is as precise and exact as possible so it can support decision-making. We are very active in taking advantage of our expertise, combining it with state-of-the-art technology for measurement solutions. Vaisala supports pharmaceutical and biotechnology research, production and warehousing applications with superior accuracy, reliable instruments and systems and a broad range of services.

Q: What are Vaisala’s near-term goals in Mexico?

A: With the history, strength and potential of Vaisala, we have big ambitions.  Our target is a market share of no less than 20 percent in the entire region, with Mexico and Brazil being the two largest and priority markets where we seek to be leaders. However, the most important thing is to consolidate our business model around a strategy and support platform that can make Vaisala a different and unique experience for the entire community related to our business.

Q: How has the COVID-19 outbreak impacted Vaisala’s work in Mexico?

A: This unprecedented pandemic has revealed the good in our societies but also the challenges and the need to work on creating much more robust capacities to face the future. We have seen different impacts across all sectors. Nevertheless, our target markets have not been hit significantly and we expect recovery to be relatively quick. We have focused on understanding the phenomenon and its impact to ensure that our support and deliveries remain optimal for all clients. We believe healthcare can emerge stronger from this situation, taking advantage of the new opportunities.

Health is a central issue for any economy, so it must be supported by the proper capacities, policies and regulations to face new challenges. Vaisala will always be present and proactive in contributing with its knowledge, experience and solutions. Our collaborators have been key in this experience, taking an exemplary attitude as responsible citizens and professionals who have shown commitment and dedication to serving our clients.


Vaisala specializes in the development, manufacturing and sale of products and services for environmental and industrial measurements. It offers measurement instruments for humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, moisture, CO2 and more.

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst