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By Miriam Bello | Fri, 07/03/2020 - 09:53

Q: What makes Ucin Médica the best ally for providers and healthcare facilities?
A: Ucin Médica specializes in respiratory therapy and anesthesiology. Our strongest area is consumables and disposables and we represent 15 of the best brands in the market. This has led us to focus on the private sector, mainly on big hospitals like Grupo Ángeles, Christus Muguerza, Puerta de Hierro and Médica Sur. Ucin Médica has a broad logistics capacity, having direct contact with more than 300 hospitals across the country. Those with which we do not have direct contact, we can reach through our 300 subscribers.

Ucin Médica remains up to date with the latest technology and focuses on partnering with the best manufacturers for each product. The added value of our services is our national logistics coverage that saves time for the manufacturer. Because of our range, they can reach different regions without having to look for three or even four distributors.

Our company tries to reach the decision-makers of the hospital because they will be using the product. Ucin Médica is an expert in the technologies it offers for respiratory therapy and anesthesiology. Decision-making related to medical devices always depends on doctors, nurses and biomedical engineers, not on the head of a department. We personalize our offering for each hospital and we even adapt to their individual purchasing and administrative departments. Medical devices like those we offer are cost-benefit, differentiated or high quality, which can be an obstacle to marketing our solutions. Our advantage is that we work to create close relationships with the medical staff so they understand the quality and benefits of our product and help us enter the company. 

Q: What logistical challenges has Ucin Médica faced?

A: Because we distribute to hospital chains, we need to provide the same service to each hospital in the chain. Ucin Médica distributes more than 3 million pieces per year at more than 3,000 orders per month. Making these shipments within the metropolitan parts of the country is no hurdle but outside of these areas, challenges start to appear, such as insecurity in the northern region and road access in the south. To comply with our contracts that demand on-time delivery, we have a strong inventory network. Some hospitals manage daily orders and others are weekly, so it depends on each hospital’s logistics too.

Q: How does Ucin Médica choose the products it commercializes?

A: We base this on trends and our selection process is done in two ways: we find suppliers through our strategic planning or we find innovative products at the different global expos we attend. Our only barrier has been regulations related to bringing a new product into the market.

Q: How has Ucin Médica faced the changes in the Mexican healthcare sector?

A: The only problem we faced was the uncertainty stemming from the creation of INSABI. As providers, we do not know how hospitals are going to get the supplies needed for INSABI patients as the budgets are not clear.

Q: What are the short-term goals for Ucin Médica?

A: We expect to grow 10 percent in terms of sales. We grew 4 percent in 2019, hurt in part by the arrival of the government and its policies, but this year is looking better. I expect minimum growth of 5 percent as we cover the important every hospital in the private sector.


Ucin Médica offers more than 800 medical devices from world leading brands and new technologies related to respiratory therapy and anesthesiology. The company is present across the country

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst