Leonardo Alves
Plan Wealth Management
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Financing the Client's Future

Mon, 04/15/2019 - 16:37

Q: How is Plan Wealth Management addressing the growing market for retirement insurance through its products and services?
A: Basically, we have two markets in Mexico. One half are Mexicans and the other half are foreigners living in Mexico. As a company, we offer international savings solutions with global financial expertise. This area is doing very well because Mexico is a fast-growing economy and an increasingly popular destination for business. For example, there are now five times more Europeans living in Mexico in comparison with 10 years ago.
The local market has also changed. Ten to 15 years ago, people were not used to creating savings plans. In the past, the average Mexican family would have more children and the parents would depend on support from the children once they retired. Today, it is difficult for a professional couple in a city to look after themselves, they cannot afford to have a large number of children anymore. They also know that life is going to be more difficult for their children, so they have to take more responsibility for themselves. Many people, especially younger generations, are more prepared. They leave university already more aware that they need to start saving. That is why we provide advice, educating people about the importance of saving and the most efficient way in doing so.
Q: How do you reach your clients?
A: Because people are becoming more aware that they need to start saving, they tend to come to us. Our clients tend to be people who are serious about their financial future and the well-being of their families.  Our clients are people looking for reliable saving and investment solutions with the highest standards of quality and efficiency from leading and well-known finance institutions. We have a professional team of planners who reach out to potential clients who would welcome our services.
Q: You have many alliances around the world, with over 300 funds and 22 partners. Which would be your key alliance in Mexico?
A: Our key alliance in Mexico would be GNP, along with several large private investment firms. However, we truly believe our clients are our No. 1 alliance. Listening to our clients and understanding their needs continues to let us further develop our products to their full potential and to deliver more than what clients could expect from us.
Q: Pension funds are struggling in many countries. How do you maintain healthy funds?
A: In developed countries, retirement systems are collapsing. In Japan, the system almost collapsed in 2018. There are simply too many elderly people and the government does not have the money to take care of them. A similar thing happened in 2011 in Europe. We focus on keeping our savings in funds with a healthy future. One of our favorite funds is the pharmaceutical and health industry. We have funds like UBS Health Funds, UBS Biotechnology and JP Morgan Healthcare. Many of these funds have been voted for years as the best in terms of long-term security. They include companies like Sanofi, Bayer, Glaxco and Pfizer and several more. The reason why they count as the best is because this industry is going to keep innovating and producing. The world is going to keep on needing medicine, so it is a steady sector.
Q: What role does digitalization play in your company´s operations and services?
A: Technology has become more and more important in our work. We have to be up to date with all the different online platforms designed for this industry. Many people come looking for services via social platforms. In terms of providing a digitalized product, the technology is there and it is an available option for our clients. However, many clients still prefer a meeting with one of our professional financial planners who will personally assess their needs. We also want to ensure we keep providing a personalized service.