Aude Boclé
General Manager
View from the Top

First Goal: Maintain a Healthy Microbiota

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 12:41

Q: Biocodex is a pharmaceutical specialized in microbiota. What business opportunities have you identified for this area in Mexico?

A: Five years ago, products in the microbiota segment popped up thanks to the growing interest and the scientific research that was carried out. Today, this domain is among the most researched topics in health sciences. Biocodex has operated in Mexico for three years and we are working to reinforce our presence in the private market, which covers 30 percent of the population.

Q: What are the benefits of biopharmaceuticals and how can these types of drugs contribute to Mexican epidemiology change?

A: Microbiota refers to the huge number of micro-organisms that live in the human body, especially in the intestine. Therefore, maintaining a healthy microbiota helps prevent the development of infections, allergies, behavioral and metabolic problems, such as dyslipidemia, diabetes and obesity. If children are born by normal delivery, are breastfed and their microbiota properly cared of from an early age, they will have fewer possibilities of developing allergies, infectious diseases or metabolic syndrome. Children born through a C-section already have a footprint that will make them more prone to these conditions. In these cases, biopharmaceutical products can intervene to prevent those conditions. The main product for the company is Floratil. We also offer Gotalgic, an analgesic for otitis.

Q: How do you evaluate the access to biopharmaceutical products in the public and private sectors in Mexico?

A: Biopharmaceutical products require special consideration and Mexican regulation has just started to grasp the specificities needs of this category of products. During the last National Congress of Regulatory Affairs, Biocodex Mexico had the opportunity to address this topic and talk about the scientific criteria for selecting a probiotic and the importance of protecting the production process of probiotics to prevent the microorganism from suffering mutations during the process. We are pushing to achieve a stricter regulation on these types of products.

Q: What is the main objective of the Biocodex Microbiota Institute? What impact will this project have in Mexico?

A: Over the last several years, there has been a growing interest and much research in the role and importance of microbiota. In this context, the Biocodex Microbiota Institute is one of the few online platforms solely focused on microbiota. It has two purposes. First, provide information to healthcare professionals. Second, inform the general public about microbiota, such as why it is important and how it impacts health. The institute is also active on social networks to raise awareness on microbiota among the general public.

Q: What is the role of the Biocodex Microbiota Foundation in the general strategy of Biocodex? What potential has the foundation identified in the Mexican research ecosystem?

A: The foundation is supporting microbiota research through ongoing annual grants. Biocodex’s goal is to launch an international as well as national annual call for projects to promote innovative scientific research that explore the interactions between microbiota and various pathologies. The evaluation and selection of the winning projects are carried out by independent scientific committees. The scientific board in Mexico is directed by Solange Heller, a pediatric gastroenterologist who is in charge of selecting the group of experts who will evaluate the research projects.

Q: Biocodex seeks to strengthen its expertise in gastroenterology. What are your plans in this area?

A: Today, Biocodex’s core business is definitely related to the microbiota domain with an expertise in the intestinal microflora. The objective is to reinforce our offer in this field targeting other types of indications or diseases in which human microbiotas can be impacted. We are also evaluating the possibilities of establishing alliances with international companies that operate in Mexico